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The beauty of kenya can only be experienced.

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Wildlife varieties to be experienced

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Dry River Bed, are becoming a reality as effects of global warming take effect

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Nairobi National Park

Disappearing indigenous trees More »


Post Election Violence

Post Election Violence

Post Election Violence

His life had virtually screeched to a halt when he lost all his earthly possessions to the Post Election Violence associated with the elections of 2007, but a miraculous encounter with a church organization in Nakuru slums led to a turnaround in David Kamaus fortunes. What had gone wrong with our amazing country?, its the hope of all that a repeat of the Post Election Violence should not be experience again.

The Post Election Violence that rocked the country in the year 2007 and the resultant wanton destruction of life and property is a phenomenon Kenyans, indeed the entire world would love to completely erase from their memories.  Victim like David Kamau the vivid memories and images of the insane attacks meted out to them and their property, as the turmoil thickened, keep haunting their minds unbidden, the Post Election Violence was a horror that should never be repeated.

Prior to the Post Election Violence, Kamau, 29 had already curved the right niche for himself as a shrewd potato trader in Kuresoi. Twice a week he would hire a lorry to transport dozens of sacks of potatoes to Nairobi for sale.

National Museum of Kenya an exciting adventure of the Kenyan Heritage

National Museum of Kenya


It’s an exciting place, a humor to behold and an adventure that captivates both the young and the old alike; where else could this be if it isn’t the Nairobi Museum located on museum hill in Nairobi it is part of the National Museum of Kenya? The eyes glitter as one literally tours the sights yearning for much more. Souls are captured across the divide with hearts and minds completely reinvented at this historical site.

A state corporation worthy of its status, behold a baby named the National Museum of Kenya was born by a motherly Act of Parliament. They say he grew up to become a multi-disciplinary institution.

“My origin and residency is in this great country but it is sad and a pity that I only visited the one of the Museum of Kenya as a coincidence rather than an outright knowledge centered decision. I will never regret the visit.

What roles does the National Museum of Kenya play?

National Museum of Kenya

The role of the National Museum of Kenya is to collect, preserve, study, document and present Kenya’s past and present cultural and natural heritage. This is not just done artificially; it is done with the aim of maintaining originality and subsequently presenting to the audience uniqueness and spectacular products that doesn’t whittle the intended purpose.

The National Museum of Kenya ensures the purposes of enhancing knowledge, appreciation, respect and sustainable utilization of these resources for the benefit of Kenya are achieved.

The National Museum of Kenya recognizes the ever expanding and growing needs of the society, and in so doing they strive to contribute in a unique national development.

The National Museum of Kenya has the responsibility of managing several established Regional Museums, Sites and Monuments of national and international importance. It also manages a rich and priceless collection of Kenya’s existing and natural heritage.

Mission and Vision of the National Museum of Kenya

The National Museum of Kenya has a vision to be a global leader in heritage, research and management. It has successfully managed to attract global researchers and visitors and eventually has achieved in demonstrating its managerial ability to preserve the heritage through various processes.

The National Museum of Kenya; Mission is to promote the conversation and sustainability of utilization of national heritage through generation, documentation and dissemination of research and collection management knowledge, information and innovations.

The National Museum of Kenya and its core functions

The National Museum of Kenya is a lead promoter of Heritage, its collection and documentation. It houses the most exciting, diversified and unique collections globally. They range from natural History, cultural history and Musicological.

The National Museum of Kenya undertakes research work based on cultural and natural history. This research is done on various fields like biomedical and bio-conservation in collaboration with other research institutions.

The National Museum of Kenya has time and again acted to synthesize all the information that is generated from research and collections. By dissemination of this information thy seek to present it to the public for the purpose of raising awareness and learning amongst the general population through exhibitions, multimedia channels and other educative programmes

The National Museum of Kenya is mandated with the responsibility of preserving and conserving all its tangible to intangible, moveable and immovable collections.

The Core Values of the National Museum of Kenya

The National Museum of Kenya like any other institutions has inscribed and instilled operational values that Endeavour to deliver services to all its clients and stakeholder. These include the following:

  • Scientific excellence, ethics and flexibility.
  • Partnerships for collaborative advantage and synergies.
  • Impact, performance and service orientation.
  • Effective knowledge and information management.
  • Respect for staff and client diversity.
  • Transparency, accountability and cost-effectiveness.

The National Museum of Kenya has an Institute that undertakes research in basic and applied aspects using monkeys and is involved in collaborative and contractual research in association with academic and industry at the international level. The institute is recognized by the World Health Organization WHO collaborating center in Human Reproduction and Tropical Disease Research. IPR has expanded tremendously in both physical and researches facilities and is now focused on the breeding and use of non-human primate study, prevent and or treat human diseases under the auspices of the animal welfare.

The National Museum of Kenya has put its footing on the international mapping through its various activities.

Know more About Distance Education in Kenya

Distance Education in Kenya, also referred to as distance learning has been in existence for quite a long time. It is a form of learning where there is a physical distance between the teacher and the learner. In this case, teleconferencing and computer conferencing, telephone, written and printed word and the technology at large, are used to bridge the existing gap. Therefore a platform is availed to acquire knowledge outside the traditional avenues of attendance in a learning institution.

Secrets of Magical Kenya

Secrets of Magical Kenya

‘Home sweet home’ is a sighing of both comic relief and a joy that catapults the magical touch and fabulous moments of the Secret of  Magical Kenya. It’s a dream Country and a Nation that has overcome a myriad of adversities and challenges with a success story to sell beyond the boarders.

Secrets of Magical Kenya
Secrets of Magical Kenya

‘I am a proud Kenyan with a cultural background that has its own wealth of identity. Many of us come from different cultural backgrounds identities but at the end of it we are a united Nation. Yes! Najivunia kuwa Mkenya (I am proud to be a Kenyan). Mhhhh! This is just a hint of what the Secrets of  Magical Kenya can offer. The spectacular and terrific tourist sites with breathtaking scenery of a wide range of wildlife species, unravels the hidden Secrets of  Magical Kenya.