Kitengela - The upcoming business Hub

Just how fast can a town grow? Just 10 years ago, this street hardly had 5 shops, today its a modern street with high rise buildings. More »

The beauty of kenya can only be experienced.

En-route from Subukia to Nyahururu More »

Wildlife varieties to be experienced

These ferocious animal is captured here in a serene mood, the calmness of this big five category is fascinating and to be experienced More »

Dry River Bed, are becoming a reality as effects of global warming take effect

The beauty of the country may one day be in the past if nothing is done about global warming, dry river beds are becoming a common feature. More »

Nairobi National Park

Disappearing indigenous trees More »


Human Rights in Kenya – Vetting Process a Trigger for the Gender Debate

Human Rights in Kenya went a notch higher after the recently promulgated constitution prescribed a vetting system that saw top Judiciary officials subjected to public vetting. It has baffled both reformers and anti-reformers in equal measures.   It was a spectacular process to watch.

‘’It’s indeed a new dawn, an eye opener for many more exciting things to come,” says Stanley Wangare an LGBT rights activist. It is an achievement for Human Rights in Kenya.

“We can demand and get our rightful dues. We can talk about and debate on things that were considered despicable. Human Rights in Kenya must gain momentum and that’s the way we are heading,” he says.

A terrifying face of Famine in Kenya

Famine in Kenya

In the glare of cameras a nation is shocked by the pictures of emaciated, hungry and dying fellow human beings, a Famine in Kenya that strips away the lives and livelihoods of a once vibrant and healthy people. An emaciated child with no energy to cry with a lifeless body spread on the scorched earth in helpless stupor. A picture replicated en mass, with both adults and the children not spared.

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Schools unrest

Schools Unrest

Why Schools unrest?

Schools unrest “Ooooohhh My God, another school has gone up in flames” these seem to be the words on every ones lips this winter season. As true to the word, another school is going up in flames, what an academic waste, i guess this can only happen in Kenya.

Schools unrest

Ravaging through in search of items after schools unrest

Schools unrest this year have hit proportions inexperienced in the past. As of today 114 schools have gone up in flames amidst a variety of theories that attempt to explain the reason of Schools unrest 2016.

Second term is usually the term with the highest reported cases of Schools unrest, but 2016 has had the highest share and here we are not talking about student demonstrating about the school compound but a loss of property through burning of dormitories, administration block and other school property.