Kitengela - The upcoming business Hub

Just how fast can a town grow? Just 10 years ago, this street hardly had 5 shops, today its a modern street with high rise buildings. More »

The beauty of kenya can only be experienced.

En-route from Subukia to Nyahururu More »

Wildlife varieties to be experienced

These ferocious animal is captured here in a serene mood, the calmness of this big five category is fascinating and to be experienced More »

Dry River Bed, are becoming a reality as effects of global warming take effect

The beauty of the country may one day be in the past if nothing is done about global warming, dry river beds are becoming a common feature. More »

Nairobi National Park

Disappearing indigenous trees More »


IT Jobs in Education

IT Jobs in Education are on the rise given the constant evolution and expansion of the field  and the growing necessity of Information Technology in everyday life.In today’s advanced technological environment, effectiveness in every field including education is hugely dependent on the availability and efficiency of Information Technology systems. The use of computers and software to design, create, utilize, support, store, protect and transmit information in the education systems across the world has created an absolute necessity to employ competent and qualified professionals to oversee, manage and develop those systems.

Social Media Sites in Kenya

Social Media Sites in Kenya

Popular Sites

“Gracious Lord! My fellow Kenyans lets do something about the starving masses in Turkana, if you can pray that’s a good thing and if you can contribute that’s even better,’’ said Anne Ndalo in one of the Social Media Sites  in Kenya.

Social Media Sites in Kenya is one that has achieved a rising popularity in the whole of Kenya with children from the ages as young as six and above accessing the internet. Despite the outcry that is intending to stop children from accessing the Social media sites an increase of the same is being recorded.

The addiction of the youth and young adults on Social Media Sites in Kenya

The addictions on Social Media Sites in Kenya are stimulated by various facts of life, stemming from upbringing attributes, modern trends, social settings, education and vocation. These amongst others have their own impacts that develop traits into the personality of an individual. The traits could either be positive or negative.

The World of Sports

A bigger chunk of our preconditioned mindsets, loves the idea of watching a particular kind of game in the World of Sports. When we are lazy to participate in the eSports, we are ardent supporters of a particular football team, say Arsenal or a fun of the Red devils. It’s really amazing and shocking in equal measures how the World of Sports can turn most of us extremely crazy and taken away with stupor.

Disaster Preparedness a sham

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

Ceremonial thinkers without an execution plan are as good as disaster itself. Many a times word has been renting around the air in formal and informal pronouncement, that disaster is looming right at our doorsteps, what shocks, is the way each one of us casually is responsive or non responsive. It obviously appears that none of us is seriously willing or ready to embrace Disaster Preparedness. As mentioned elsewhere in this site, people in this amazing country should not continue suffering.