Kitengela - The upcoming business Hub

Just how fast can a town grow? Just 10 years ago, this street hardly had 5 shops, today its a modern street with high rise buildings. More »

The beauty of kenya can only be experienced.

En-route from Subukia to Nyahururu More »

Wildlife varieties to be experienced

These ferocious animal is captured here in a serene mood, the calmness of this big five category is fascinating and to be experienced More »

Dry River Bed, are becoming a reality as effects of global warming take effect

The beauty of the country may one day be in the past if nothing is done about global warming, dry river beds are becoming a common feature. More »

Nairobi National Park

Disappearing indigenous trees More »


Hidden secrets of Intersex People in Kenya

The agonizing cry of the Intersex People in Kenya is a dark cloud yet real: ‘We wonder why God created us! ‘Why does he allow us to go through all this tribulations?’ ‘We feel it was better if we had not existed than to be subjected to all this’.’We are different, so what? Are we really  human?, an intersex person screams. Intersex people may be said to have biological characteristics of both the male and female sexes. The word intersex was initially adopted by intersex activists who criticized the traditional medical approaches to seek to be heard in the construction of new approaches.

Unfortunately Intersex People in Kenya and the rest f the world are refereed to as hermaphrodites a derogatory term in my opinion, that groups humans with animal species that are of unknown sex.

It is a known fact that few or none are interested in advancing the discussion of the Intersex people in Kenya, to the extent and refusal of recognizing it as a third gender. This is Trevor’s chilling account.

411 on IT courses in Kenya

IT courses in Kenya form part of employee development training in many Kenyan companies and organizations. Most managers view it as one of the best and most appropriate employee empowerment and career development plan.

Any business or organization that needs progress in this technology age, there is a need to harness IT skills. This will help in boosting productivity and reducing operational and production costs. These courses include network systems, Computer programming and information support services. IT students are encouraged to master a Computer efficiently.

Take Up Free IT Courses Online

Free IT Courses Online are lessons on Information Technology which are offered online without any charges. These courses are not only within your means, but are also advantageous in that you are able to learn at your own time and at your own pace. There are a variety of IT courses online that you can select from based on your area of interest and expertise.
There are numerous free IT courses offered online. Some of these include: programming courses, operating System courses, office application courses, graphics courses, internet and www courses, cabling and network courses.