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Kenya is a beautiful country located in the eastern coast of Africa neighboring Somali to the East, Sudan and Ethiopia to the north, Uganda to the West and Tanzania to the South, with a beautiful sandy coastline Along the Indian Ocean.

The social scene is as interesting as it is diverse, made up of more than 42 ethnic groups with a diverse dynamic and rich culture.

We all live as a society, this may be bounded by physical boundaries, cultural or economic. Whatever our boundaries we interact within and without ourselves, human interactions eventually lead to conflicts and bonding this ultimately leads to social news.

News travel from the news makers to the news receivers, whichever form they travel in they are likely to cause a heartache or a humorous moment to all thus the maker, transmitter and receiver.

This site is dedicated to giving you the happenings around Kenya, the social, political, cultural and economics.

Know all about Kenya, its people, culture, laughs and tears.

Are you a Kenyan or a foreigner, do you know the country well, their is bound to be something you ascribe to, be it a good story, a good person you meet, a bad experience etc it all happened in Kenya. Read and know the Kenyan experience.

Laugh with me when i laugh cry with me when i cry, it is all part of being Kenyan and the world.

Does our country connect to the rest of the world, know all about how we relate to others, how our cultural dynamics are being initiated and sustained in terms of cultural, political, religious dynamics.

About the Author of SmileKenya

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It is difficult for you to learn all about Kenya without learning something about the person behind the idea. I am a male Kenyan citizen in my late thirties.

I hold a University degree on social arts though my career revolves around software development.

It is those things that happen in once life time that after so many years coding and watching software come to life, having lost oneself in a world that you believed in, you wake up one day and discover anther world.

This other world was there from the beginning beckoning at you to discover it but you continue with the motions of life oblivious of its existence, then one day i meet a friend, and we started charting.

The friend introduced me to writing, before then maybe the longest thing i had written was my name and i had no idea i could write anything. Once introduced i got hooked. I found putting ideas and news to paper much easier that coding. Now here i am! i feel i want to write and write, that is why i decided i want to write about all those things that we discuss every day, things that we share, things that define a society, things that dictate the future and all those things that affect us in our day to day life.

I want to put those thought provoking ideas that i dream of in writing and share them with you.

I know you may want to say that i sound confused and excited, but try to understand that i am the type of person who does not want to limit himself to any particular subject or discipline. I want to be every where and nowhere all at the same time. That is why i will share with you all that interest me, that which i have shared with others and i want to share the same with you.

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The call of duty has seen me travel to various parts of the country and without. Wherever i have gone i have meet people who have something to share or report. Whatever it is, it may or may not be involved with my chosen career, but i enjoy it tremendously.

About the site – Smile Kenya



One day i sat in the office thinking. I thought about my self, my life, life of those around me and more so at how we communicate. These thoughts had been provoked by a recent message we had received.

We were in a social place with a friend of mine who received a message about a deceased relative. The messenger was all pains trying to deliver the message in the lightest way possible to try and cushion my friend from expected pain. The message went round in circles until it was finally delivered.

This got me thinking, why not?

Why not deliver the news, the idea, the stories, the folklore with a light touch, Even the worst news can be delivered with a smooth edge.

Smile Kenya is about delivering with a smooth edge, Join me always as i take these journey to tell all about Kenya. I intend to traverse this amazing country telling you everything in a way that will make you smile and feel good.

Whether you are a foreigner, a tourist or a country man you will surely find something in this site that will make your day.

Once i read that a smile takes less muscles than a frown, why not give one today? why not have something to smile about? read my articles everyday and you are sure to receive a smile  to give in return.