Adventure Holidays in UK

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Adventure Holidays in UK

Adventure Holidays in UK

“Great Britain offers the best adventure holidays in UK whether it’s a short adventure weekend to an all round adventure holiday for family, friends, corporates or individuals who just want to experience the best adventure” said peter in reply to a question on the best Adventure Holidays in Europe.

“UK offers classy adventure like horse riding, cycling, walking, and sailing holidays. Multi activity centers where the adventurer can try out a hand at water sports, climbing, archery or canoeing. Even exclusiveholidays such as a painting holiday or residential cookery course are also available” continued peter thoroughly enjoying himself with his  knowledge of this far place that most of us just dream about!

John looked up from his Iphone which he had been browsing the whole day and wondered how peter had become such an expert on matters Adventure Holidays in UK.


“The best thing is that tourists can choose from activity and Adventure Holidays in UK, including Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Lake District, Peak District, and the West Country where all these places are guaranteed to offer the most fun one can master!” concluded peter triumphantly as if he has just won the premier league.

Adventure Holidays in UK: Types of Activities

Taking over from Peter i took it upon myself to describe the various activities one should expect on Adventure Holidays in UK:-

The UK offers a wide range of activities and some if not all are convenient for holiday makers, listed are some of the most enthralling activities one can choose to do;

Abseiling and Climbing:Some of the craggiest mountains in the UK, tempting sea cliffs, inviting walls of stone and activities to suit any level of experience are there for scenery lovers.

Diving: Wales is one of the best places in Britain for diving, both in deep sea and on the beach front be prepared to see the magnificent deep see living and co-existence of both plant and under water animal life

Surfing: For people who love to show of their prowess on the board then wales offers some of the best waves that really enhance the skills of a serious surfer!

Bungee jumping: Various cities and towns across the UK have special bridges where one is guaranteed to have hair raising fun as the attempt to bungee jump from very high points.

Horse riding and Trekking: For animal and nature lovers, a combination of the two can be very Ideal in places like Wales and Scotland where the serene country sides offer the best weather and terrain for either a walk or horse ride.

Adventure Holidays in UK: Top Adventures

Sailing round Britain: Sailing is fun and thetime it takes to orbit Blight’s fringes you could have crossed the Atlantic and gone back numerous times, but this 12-week voyage is the definitive exploration of the UK coastline

Coast to coast cycle ride: Combine the intrigues of rocky paths, small towns, Inns and countryside pubs that offer long lunches and a bunch of cyclers all whom aim to do a coast to coast cycling tour, this offers a great way to spend a holiday where the exercise is in plenty as you have fun.

Riding the Mendips:A week spent riding around Somerset includes long hacks into Rowberry Forest and the Mendips of around five hours per day, lessons in jumping, dressage or whichever skills need a gee-up, and sightseeing to Cheddar, Bath, Bristol, Weston-super-Mare, with plenty of pub time in between. The holidays are managed from Shipham village. There are bright, modern self-catering apartment accommodation in Stable Loft, above the stables.

Adventure Holidays in UK: Outdoor Activities

UK is known for its greatest outdoor activities that constitute to one have the most wonderful holiday and making them have a reason as to why they should go back and holiday again in the UK. Moreover some of the activities include prizes where holiday makers are encouraged to compete for thus ensuring you come out of your holiday rewarded.

It matters not which part of the globe you are from an adventure always bring out the best in you so why don’t you treat yourself this coming holidays with Adventure Holiday in UK. Look for other fabulous places from smilekenya

This is what Adventure Holidays in UK are all about!