The Agony of Poverty

Agony of Poverty

The Agony of Poverty

Within no notice came a terrific roar. And then another. The ground shook under our feet and a blast of hot air sent us sprawling. My face hit the concrete surface of the pavement supported by my left hand and I felt blood warm in my nose. There was a horrible splintering noise as the building adjacent began to crackle. The Agony of Poverty sent as to the vicinity of the tragedy hoping for the best. Gone are the days when people did not realize they were poor.

There was long wailing all over the place. I stared at the tragic scenery, emotion strangling any reply, actual tears in my eyes. It was a moment to reckon. We shared various very crucial occasions such us this, it struck me how we managed to overcome the depth of such incidences in the Agony of poverty, the ordeal we had been through –not only facing the prospect of imminent death with my peers, but also loosing all our livelihoods.

The Agony of Poverty not only trained us to rush to fatal scenes to see if we could defeat death but also to gain a dollar or more by salvaging what we thought was manna from Heaven. It isn’t new for petrol tankers to have dropped in ditches or fallen in sharp corners, creating a free flowing sea of petroleum products. Even with well known knowledge of the outcome of similar incidents, the Agony of Poverty became a stronger spirit of control rather than a savior.

Agony of Poverty is a creation of sinister motivated leadership

We live, less than a dollar or even none each day. We have lost a sense of direction; our reasoning prowess is stolen away from us by the political class. They have made us dependant on their hand outs. It’s like we have accepted that as a part of our agonizing experiences. The Agony of Poverty makes us trail our leaders begging for more. The give us handouts on condition that we vote them to Parliament.

Since we are the majority in their political rallies they take due advantage of our incapacitation. Where is this Agony of Poverty heading? Is it condemning us to eternal Poverty? Are we ever going to get a Savior to redeem us from this Agony of Poverty? Or are they telling us that this is who we are and it’s supposed to remain so?

Some elected leaders will even indirectly or directly intoxicate and render us useless, with drugs through their unscrupulous agents who in the event siphon the few dollars that we manage to get through hard work. It is a pity that role models are scarce or not likelihood in our hood.

We blindly vote in the same politicians, year in year out, while they continue to amass wealth beyond our reach. They successfully make mockery of the Agony of Poverty in us. We are like lost sheep which need to be shepherded back into the mainstream flock.

Implanted well of groups into slum hood increasing the Agony of Poverty

To me it isn’t a surprise that some wealthy sycophants have implanted their agents in the slums to further the Agony of Poverty as they laugh their hearts out with collections of money or monies that are meant to change the livelihoods of the slum dwellers. Whatever the case it isn’t a justifiable means of business. Some acquire land through corrupt means and sale parcels of it not legally but for space purposes while they constantly collect taxes for the same.

The unsuspecting slum dwellers that bear the brand of the Agony of Poverty have no choice but to follow rules.

What is the way forward in tackling the Agony of Poverty?

The Agony of Poverty in slums and poverty stricken areas can be well handled if the government works closely with youth leaders and, conduct capacity building and awareness programes. It’s important to also consider that the current constitution is protecting each citizen, and giving fundamental rights to demand from the government.

The way forward is to ensure we elect the right leaders who don’t strive in our Agony of Poverty.