Best of Kenya – Secrets that Behold

The Best of Kenya? what is it? All world countries have their own uniqueness. These may be natural or man made, Kenya is no exception, we have a wide variety of wonderful features and history.

Best of Kenya – Rich Culture

Where is Kenya on the World Map? What does this East African country have to offer, what makes it such a great Country and place: here we go! the Best of Kenya is felt and seen in various forms and shapes.

As the world marches on in time, you cannot think of American President Barrack Obama without thinking about Kenya, think about athletics and Kenya pop’s into your mind, what about the cradle of mankind? Rainbow Politics? Sandy Beaches? Tours and Travels, Mombasa? Hospitality? Tourism? it is an amazing country, these are some of the things that make the country shine, a brief of the Best of Kenya comes to you in this post.

Best of KenyaBest of Kenya :The People of Kenya

Our country has 43 (forty three ) different cultures (Ethnic groups) divided into Bantus, Nilots and Cushites. From the cost we have the Swahili, the Miji Kenda and many others who have a very rich culture. In the grass lands where most of our wildlife is found we have the Masai, a brave lot with a very rich culture. In Central Kenya we have the industrious Kikuyus, who refer to Mt Kenya as the sit of God. In the Rift valley we have the Kalenjin speaking communities, they are the source of most of our international athletes.

In Western Kenya we have the luhya speaking communities, bordering the Kisii’s and Luos. The Luo come in handy for the are associated with American President – Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama – President of the United States of America

This great African American Gentleman traces his paternal roots to a small village known as Kogelo in Western Kenya, Nyanza Province. His father Obama Senior visited United States of America in an Education Exchange Program, one thing led to another and this great son of America was born.

Think Athletics and Marathon Runners

Best of Kenya springs from sports, think about Rugby, Athletics, Marathon, Safari rally.

Athletics like the Boston Marathon, KCB Marathon, Tokyo Marathon, Olympics, Barline Marathon, London Marathon, Beijing Marathon and others, automatically you think about world Champions, World Champions include but not limited to Samuel Wanjiru (deceased) Duncan Kibet, James Kwambai, Emmanuel Mutai, Patrick Makau, Paul Tergat, Geoffrey Mutai, Sammy Korir, Wilson Kipsang, Abel Kirui, Catherine Ndereba, Mary Keitany, these are not only some of the Best of Kenya Athletics but the Worlds Best.

Best of Kenya – Historical Sites

Cradle of Human Kind (Mankind)

Every one has to wonder where they come from, if you are a Christian or Muslim your belief system is intact, but whatever we believe in their is a lot of unexplained gaps. Man must have come from somewhere and developed, man still develops to date, thinking about mans development dynamics, early man comes to mind. So where are the oldest fossils of mankind found? to answer this you must think of the Cradle of Human Kind popularly known as the Cradle of Man Kind,  you think about East Africa and Kenya.

Olduvai Gorge  in Tanzania for its Laetoli footprints, Kenya has the second oldest fossil in the world after Chad, with Orrorin Tugensis found in the Tugen Hills, dating over six million years. Best of Kenya also comes from its rich History.

A visit to the Museums in Kenya is a must for all local and foreign Tourists, namely The National Museum of Kenya, Kiariandusi Pre-Historical Site. The National Archives and many others, our game reserves and National Parks.

The following sites are a must visit:-

  • Boma’s Of Kenya
  • Fort Jesus
  • Hells Gate
  • etc

Best of Kenya – Tours and Travels

The European Winter can at times be severe, for those in the know they cannot fail to think About Sandy Beaches, Warm Sea Water, Tropical Weather and many other beautiful conditions. All this make the Best of Kenya.

Locals and Tourist alike are always amazed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean at Mombasa, traveling  from Mombasa in the East to Uganda in the West is an experience Worth all your savings.

The warmth of the coastal town of Mombasa gives way to the cool temperatures of the highlands after a refreshing sightseeing of Kenya Wildlife as you pass through the Tsavo National Park, Nairobi the capital City and down the Great African Rift Valley home to Kenya’s Lakes and wonder’s (Hot water Springs, Geysers and a wide variety of Wild Animals ) up the western escarpment to the world second biggest fresh water lake – Lake Victoria;  the source of the River Nile into Uganda, the land of Bananas.

A visit to the snow capped mountains of East Africa always completes a tourist dream. Mt. Kenya, has a wonderful history, Mt. Kilimanjaro is just awesome ain’t this the Best of Kenya? If not content, why not traverse the region, move from the Coast to the vegetation rich green and cool highlands, from the lowlands of the Rift Valley to the Sahara Desert to the north, you want it, we’ve got it.

Oh my gosh, i almost forgot the Masai Mara. The wildebeest great migration from the Masai Mara in Kenya to the Serengeti in Tanzania is surely one of the ‘Wonders of the World’

The Best of Kenya is not complete without fully interacting with the Kenya people. Kenya is a place of diverse culture’s, the Kenyan people are warm hearted, generous and hardworking. Welcome to the land of Rainbow Politics, wood curving s, and soap stone sculptures.

Our hotels and lodges compete with others in the world for first class position, they are built to please in providing comfort and warmth.

The Best of Kenya? there you have it and much more to come!


  • Kenya is an amazing country. The wildlife, the people, diverse culture not forgetting the foods. An informative piece that’s well written.