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Challenges Facing Education in Kenya: The Way Forward

There are many Challenges Facing Education in Kenya. The government is trying to solve these problems though it is difficult and it needs a lot of funds. Some of these challenges are very serious that they are causing a big impact on Kenyan citizens at large. The challenges include few tutors, poor infrastructure and many others.

Financing of Education in Kenya started in the 18th century when Kenya had access to education way back in 1728 with a Swahili manuscript. The missionaries made conversation with Mombasa residents and placed one of the first schools in the country at Rabai in the coastal region in 1846.
The missionaries continued to extend their work into the Kenyan territory and managed to open up other schools in the western region. Throughout the colonial period, a number of Kenyans were exposed to education and they continued to increase. Some of them even got the chance to further their education abroad.

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