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A terrifying face of Famine in Kenya

Famine in Kenya

In the glare of cameras a nation is shocked by the pictures of emaciated, hungry and dying fellow human beings, a Famine in Kenya that strips away the lives and livelihoods of a once vibrant and healthy people. An emaciated child with no energy to cry with a lifeless body spread on the scorched earth in helpless stupor. A picture replicated en mass, with both adults and the children not spared.

Integrated Marketing Communication

intergrated marketing communications

Integrated marketing communication can be defined a systematic approach to achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign through the use of a series of well coordinated promotional methods that reinforce and complement each other’s contribution to the promotional activity. Business Training in Kenya has more information. Integrated marketing recognizes the value communication in advertising and aims at providing clarity and consistency of whatever is being prompted. Engineering in Kenya has more information.

Schools unrest

Schools Unrest

Why Schools unrest?

Schools unrest “Ooooohhh My God, another school has gone up in flames” these seem to be the words on every ones lips this winter season. As true to the word, another school is going up in flames, what an academic waste, i guess this can only happen in Kenya.

Schools unrest

Ravaging through in search of items after schools unrest

Schools unrest this year have hit proportions inexperienced in the past. As of today 114 schools have gone up in flames amidst a variety of theories that attempt to explain the reason of Schools unrest 2016.

Second term is usually the term with the highest reported cases of Schools unrest, but 2016 has had the highest share and here we are not talking about student demonstrating about the school compound but a loss of property through burning of dormitories, administration block and other school property.

The gist of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and Communication Technology

The beauty and gist of Information and Communication Technology is one that spurs great relief and excitement. It reinvents thinking, broadens productivity and utilizes minimal time in ventures unlimited. The other day in the midst of nowhere, a surly sturdy man with compactness similar to a climber strode in the wee hours of the morning across the seemingly peaceful estate, he behaved as if he was serenading.

Without warning, he annoyingly awakened the quiet and relatively calm estate; first with a loud bizarre noise that rings like a 16th Century phone box. It did not end their, he further went ahead and startled everyone with his shouting, crackling baritone voice with words that went like this…..”Yawa! Omera, my gadget is tantalizing me and the orutu thing is melodiously and soothingly flabbergasting my soul. Hello! Hello…ango marach? (What’s wrong?) …and he went on and on unaware and unperturbed by the already flocking and amazed onlookers.

Information and Communication Technology

We were treated with an avalanche of spectacular and spontaneous drama that lasted for about an hour. He eventually stared at his gadget in bewilderment, cursed and waved at the crowd with the finger salute. He motioned as if he was angry with the mobile phone and said words that went like this… ‘*un printable profanities*!  this gadget it’s a bloody monstrous hell, the Luo in me will bit the hell out of it. I am really terrified by its occasional dysfunctional habit. I wonder if I should throw it away or give it to a ‘chokora’ (street boy)