Be Acquainted with Computer for Schools Kenya

Computer For Schools Kenya (CFSK) is a non-governmental and non-profit generating NGO. It is devoted to sanctioning young Kenyan’s with ICT skills at literacy level so as to assist them to further supplement the Gross National Product in order to capably take part in today’s global economy which is based on technology. The main goal for the organization is to supply ICT infrastructure to all learning institutions all over Kenya.

Computer for Schools KenyaComputer for Schools Kenya Project

The organization was established in 2002. It collects refurbishes and re-distributes used computers to secondary schools around the country. This is an adaptation taken up in Kenya from the Canadian program, computers for schools Canada (CFS).
Computer for Schools Kenya differs from traditional recycling computer programs in two major different ways. First, students are the ones who refurbish the computers and in the process learn technical knowledge. Secondly, they restrain themselves from importing these computers from abroad and instead are donated by local business communities.
Development Goals
Computer for schools Kenya works closely with the Kenya ministry of education, science and technology and with Kenya’s private sector. Its aim is to give more students across Kenya access to computer technology and to nurture skills that are essential for young people to survive in a knowledge-based society.
The organization helps stakeholders, teachers, volunteers and school principals to acquire computer training. It is extending the computers lifespan by applying the “thin plan” technology that minimizes the need for up-to-date desktop computers by having most processing servers handled. In addition, it is also beginning to bring in wireless internet access into Kenyan schools.

Impact of Computer for Schools Kenya the Proposed Project

The project has distributed computers across Kenya to various public institutions. These include; homes for street children, rural secondary schools, educational institutions for students with special needs and community resource centers.
The organization’s computer distribution program facilitates young people’s future job prospects not only by empowering them with valuable skills for the information industry, but it also equips the youth with invaluable employment skills.
To date, this organization has placed thirty thousand PCs in schools and also in other centres. It has trained nine thousand ICT tutors and other personnel. It has assisted young people including students with disabilities and street kids to access computer training. The NGO has also managed to establish an e-Waste management centre.

Computer for Schools Kenya Main Challenge

For this program electricity has been an alarming challenge. Out of the almost 20,000 primary schools around Kenya only 3,000 had electricity. In these schools just one out of 40 has at least one computer.
In secondary schools two thirds of the country’s 4,000 high schools have electricity. Nonetheless, only 750 high schools have at least a computer. The CFSK has partnered with local corporations, who provide generators, in order to start running the distributed computers.
In becoming aware of world of opportunities available to the youth in the ICT sector, disadvantaged Kenyan youths are discovering capabilities and inner talents. They are being motivated to aspire to goals that are loftier than they thought. They realize their capability and maximize their potential through computer for schools Kenya program.