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Who in the name of computer gods are Computer Software Services Providers? Maybe we should re phrase the term to Computer Technician instead. At least he can open the Computer and poke with his tools, something I can watch from a distant though.

Computer Software Services Providers

Do not Hammer it just yet!

Today my class mate was screaming blood. Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my computer has gone insane and keeps popping an insane screen every time I run a Google search!!!!!! She sits in front of me and i could not fail to see the cause of her anguish and watched in disbelief as she tried in vain to wrestle with the notoriously popping up screen. I could only empathized with her plight. Computer Viruses had come knocking at her door step!!!!!

How many of you face this anguish at home, in the work place or in lecture halls?

Majority of the people normally use the terms interchangeable, and one is used to mean the other or the other way round. But what exactly do you know about Computer Software Services Providers. Computer software does not refer to any soft parts of any computer, but refers to the programs that are used to run your Computer activities. You need expert personnel to handle software.


Computer Software Services Providers – The dilemma

Computer Software or Programs are step by step instructions that you give to a computer, or if you like, the untouchable parts of any computer. When they are grouped together (a number of programs) then they can be referred to as Computer Software or System.

Is this common to you, “God! my computer cannot start”, or “Gosh My computer keeps hanging” . It will not surprise me if you reach your mobile phone (the gadgets of convenience) and raise a stink with your Computer Equipment dealer or Technician.

From experience, the person will check your computer and if he does not get hardware malfunction solutions quickly; will most likely recommend you format your computer and re install the operating system.

Formatting the computer is a quick fix but a security risk as you stand to lose all your information, may be what you should have called to your services is a Computer Software Services Providers instead.

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Computer Software Services Providers or IT support came in various shapes and forms and deal with different areas of Information and Communication Technology (Computer software).

Who are Computer Software Services Providers? – Support (Solution Providers)

Computer Software Services Providers are persons who specialize in handling operating systems, network systems, generic software’s and application software’s.  These are the people you should contact when your computer shows signs of lethargy, hanging or behaving in a manner likely to cause a breach of your mental peace.

The problem you are experiencing may not be limited to problems with your Windows Operating system, Microsoft Office, Computer Games, Network issues, your UNIX platform etc. But could be problems from external “DARK” forces, this include Computer VIRUSES, SPAM and other unwanted malware, Computer Software Services Providers are better placed to differentiate and categorize the kind of problem you are experiencing better that any Computer Technician.

Information and Communication Technology and Computer Software Services Providers

Elsewhere in this site we have looked at Information and Communication Technology in Kenya, its growth and the current need for the modern economies to collect and process data and communicate the information for effective management in these highly competitive society.

For the process to be effective you may need application software to handle your type of work. For this one please do not call in your Computer Technician or your Hardware Providers, please call Computer Software Services Providers or more specifically a Systems Analyst or Software Engineer.

Are you looking for application software to run your accounts, human resources, payroll etc? the person you should look for are Computer Software Services Providers.

This person will listen to your PROBLEM, he will then analyze it, design and code a Software solution for your kind of industry. The solution provided May or may not meet all your current systems requirements, but at least you will have a start which you can build on in future.

Your training needs may be determined by the Computer Software Services Providers depending on the application Software he has recommended or developed for you. Make sure that all this are addressed.

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Do not be cheated by your impression of these software GURUS, they may be good at creating applications but know next to nothing about computer hardware, so do not tempt them to fix a hard disk in your computer. Instead call a technician; it is like asking your professional driver to fix an engine problem he has no clue off, he might not even know where the engine is.

As Information and communication technology develops, so does the number of personnel who handle various disciplines within the general subject of Information Technology, so besides the Computer Software Services Providers, in comes the Network (experts in Local Area Networks –LAN and Wide Area Networks WAN), Communication (Wired and wireless transmission for text, video etc) Gurus, Internet Marketers etc.

As I write this, I am impressed on just how fast things are moving; just recently (five years ago) I was taking a stroll down town and was impressed by the number of billboards fighting for space on our skyline, even before quenching the marvel of the color and shear gigantic size of these billboards I was stunned to find that instead of a printed billboard there was a an electronic screen for advertising, waaaauuu.

I started my computer training in the early nineties see article on Information and Communication Technology in Kenya, since then I have become rusty. No wonder when I heard Alex Maina on radio, i had no clue what he was talking about, I decided to visit his site. One thing led to another and I found myself facing him in class. He is an eloquent teacher of Internet Marketing who likes throwing shockers your way. My first shock came in when he announced that in the recent future the beautiful printed and electronic billboards are on their way to extinction. How? I asked.

Outbound marketing is fast shutting its doors and inbound marketing is knocking (it was lesson number one). So next time you think of marketing and expansion think Internet Marketing, do not ask for a giant bill board but an Internet Marketer who are Computer Software Services Providers.