Computers for Schools in Kenya

Computers for Schools in Kenya are indispensable tools for education. Computers have revolutionized much of the modern life, either directly or indirectly and learning how to use computers in schools is extremely important.They bring technological convenience, which has become an unprecedented opportunity to meet vital education goals and they make the entire education system far more effective than before. The school going generation now has access to rich knowledge of universal standards.

Computers for Schools in KenyaBenefits Availed by Computers for Schools in Kenya

Computers open up a way and expand physical limits of the schools giving students and teachers access to each other; access to experts and resources around the world. Internet acts as a virtual library where students can have access to nearly any piece of information imaginable. This is highly advantageous in the classrooms as it can enhance the information on any classroom subject.

Computers have helped to create more equitable and accessible education system in Kenya. Students use computers and internet to access the courses not available at their schools; students in remote areas can complete their studies without leaving their communities, and adults can now take advantage of a more flexible study schedule.

Cultural development in schools has also been promoted in schools as knowledge bases of art, culture and history can easily be created; made widely accessible and easily updated. Many schools have established Internet Resource Centres in their premises and these centres initiate the schools in question into a sustainable usage of Internet. Along the course of years computers have broken barriers and their integration school systems has supported students and teachers (immensely) for intellectual development.

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Computers save time in many ways. Not only can computers access millions of pages of information on the Internet, but they also do this in an incredibly fast time. What once might have taken hours of library research might now only take a few minutes on the computer. In addition to the Internet, tools such as word processors, presentation software, and spreadsheets have added efficiency. They eliminate much of the time that traditional writing, presentations, and creation of tables and forms once required.

It is also cheaper and more effective to depend on internet for information than depending on books stores/traditional libraries. With internet one can access much more information which is updated and costs of stocking and maintaining traditional book stores can be saved for other things.

Computers for Schools in Kenya Serve As Tutors

For teachers dealing with large classrooms, there is not always enough time to spend with individual students, so computers solve this challenge by serving as a tutor for the students. Many educational websites are designed to tutor students, providing everything step-by-step with clear explanations and systematic methodology.

Many online tools can be used by teachers to make learning more fun, interesting, and easy to understand. Teachers are able to add flavor to any lesson with additional pictures and videos of the concept she/he is teaching, or with 3-D programs animations and other educational tools. Classroom-oriented games can also be found by the computer and internet technology and this can be much fun for learners as well as being a great motivation.

 Changing Lives with Computers for Schools in Kenya

Computers for schools in Kenya have profoundly changed the lives of people around the world and most schools in Kenya especially those urban areas have not missed out on the opportunities. It should however be noted that other schools, especially those located in rural Kenya have been left out of this mainstream development. The phenomenon has created two distinct worlds in Kenya. There is a population of Kenyans who are computer literate and enjoy the convenience of this modern technology and the benefits of Computers for Schools in Kenya, while others are yet to get there.And thus the introduction of Computers for Schools in Kenya.

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