Crime in Kenya; Villagers bay for defiler’s blood

Crime in Kenya

In absence of Law Mob Justice Takes Over

Crime in Kenya is like wind that changes its course. The anguish of a moaning child torments the soul and mind of the unforgiving villager. “I can’t imagine such an inhuman act being committed to an innocent child,’ John a villager screams.

He had witnessed an incident where three people fled their homes in Kilifi County to avoid the arm of law catching up with them, after they allegedly defiled minors. They obviously fled after they new that law enforcers will be closing in on them.

‘The man left his residence in Kaloleni soon after committing the offence last weekend.’ A local newspaper reported.

Crime in Kenya – Lured his Victim

This criminal lured the girl aged 15, into a house at Kaloleni where he committed the obscene act. “These people must be put to death. I don’t think they deserve to live,” a village quipped. ‘We must not tolerate hilarious acts of Crime in Kenya,’ he said.

This incident was confirmed by Kilifi OCPD Clement Wangai, who further affirmed that they were trailing two other suspected defilers who have disappeared from their homes. Crime in Kenya is rampant as criminals have mastered the art of dogging law enforcers.

Crime in Kenya– Terrifying Camouflage

One of the villagers Ms Thete reported to the police that one of the suspects had defiled his elder brother’s daughter aged 12, at Ngerenyi village in Kilifi.

Crime in Kenya is witnessed by a new terrifying dawn of child molesters and defilers camouflaged in the safety of a relative’s skin.

Women leaders in Kilifi led by ODM women leader Grace Mboja are challenging the government to act on cases of Crime in Kenya and especially the increased cases of child defilement.

They are demanding that the courts give stiffer penalties to the suspects.

The hunt of suspected defilers will be fruitful only if we acknowledge that law enforcers must apt up their skills and technologies in the fight against Crime in Kenya.

Government must therefore, invest in resources that will modernize and revitalize the police forces. This should aim at bringing in a new image to the entire police force.

 Crime in Kenya– Sentenced for Life

In yet another incident, a court sentenced a man for life in a defilement case in Baricho, Kirinyaga County. Senior Resident Magistrate James Mwaniki found Samuel Mbugua Mugo guilty of sexually assaulting of minors aged ten and eleven.

The charge read that on different dates between 2008 and 2009, he abducted the girls, one in Gilgil, Rift Valley and the other within Kutus town in Kirinyaga County.

The court was briefed that the accused waylaid the second girl, who was a standard four pupil, while on her way from school at Kutus town and took her to his house in Sagana town about 20km away.

“My daughter was later found together with the other child locked in a house in Sagana where this man lives,” she told the court.

A medical report presented by Ms Nancy Kuria confirmed that the minors were indeed sexually abused.

In addressing the issue of Crime in Kenya;

The reality is that we must heed to the wake up call and combine forces both the society and the law enforcers to bring Crime in Kenya to a end.