Criminal Minds in Kenyans

Criminal Minds in Kenya indeed! Excuse me, if you imagine for one lousy second am writing about “criminal minds” the movie, you are dead wrong. I am writing about the 21st century human madness. Did you ask what this madness of Criminal Minds in Kenya is?

Occasionally I get irritated with the naivety of the innuendos of words that only seem to aggravate the already polluted environment. ‘My God you don’t have to go anywhere, just pass by the city of Nairobi and let me know of your experience’ with Criminal Minds in Kenya

The Mystery of Criminal Minds in Kenya

Criminal Minds in Kenya

Hawkers Seeling wares in CBD

Criminal Minds in Kenya has more to do with our abilities to commit crime at every excuse irrespective of which side of the law we are standing.

You might want to put me to task because of my pronouncement, off course it’s allowed, but remember my noble intention is not to insinuate or allege anything sinister. I am only going to state some factual evidence to support my claims of Criminal Minds in Kenya.

How many of you have an opportunity to stroll in the busy streets of Nairobi? Or let me rephrase the question; which one of you by any chance doesn’t know about the city council by laws? Or have you ever been affected, perfected or infected by this ‘Kanjo’? What I am trying to find out is whether you have been either a prey or a victim.

It’s a pity that I have to use this term; Criminal Minds in Kenya, yet we have to intensively interrogate or have a conversation with ourselves just to see the degree of our involvement.

Criminal Minds in Kenya and the madness of the ‘city Kanjo’ (city council reinforcement officers)

Last evening I was proudly having the last of my final laps before boding my favorite Nissan, in the comfort of my ability when some disturbance caught up with me. Not so fast! A sudden hilarious and thunderous noise punctuated by confused helter-skelter movements almost made me to fly with my two knees. Someone knocked me almost making me bespectacled.

‘Kanjo! Kanjo! Kanjo!  Some youthful man was heard screaming. He sounded so agitated while picking his stuff which was scattered all over the place. I guess he was doing his normal thing; usually the hide and seek game with the ‘Kanjo’.  What strikes me is who between the two the ‘Kanjo and the hawker is in the category of Criminal Minds in Kenya.

Some hawkers who appeared to be arguing with ‘askaris’ were unconditionally bundled and hauled into a waiting city ‘Kanjo’ van. Some seemed to have a unique handshake with’ bwana kubwa’ and were left scot free. Surely, if you want to take sides, I will not. This according to me is a typical case of Criminal Minds in Kenya.

The law enforcer commits a counter crime on the already committed on. So is it logical for to you ask me why am writing about Criminal Minds in Kenya?

It is ridiculous how Nairobians fall into traps of this askaris then perfect the acts of corruption. The unsuspecting ‘mwananchi’ will be held because of ignorantly not following the city by laws which stipulate that you should not litter the streets.

Unfortunately “ignorance of the law has never been a defense” my heart goes to this ignorant ‘criminals’ but what about the category that knowingly litter our streets with anything and everything? This is a question of following the law or isn’t it being conscious of one’s environmental hygiene or discipline? The absence of law enforcement officer should not herald criminal activity unless you have been bitten by the bug of Criminal Minds in Kenya

Criminal Minds in Kenya are literally not conscious of themselves and their surroundings. They intentionally do mischievous things while they will be the first to scream and complain of how they are mistreated.

Criminal Minds in Kenya and the traffic craze

‘Hoot! Hoot! And the story goes on and on.  “F??!! ” off my way! Together with other profanities then followed by the finger pointing. As if to sum up the story a pedestrian was almost knocked on the pavement by a mad driver who claims he is in a hurry. Everybody seems to be in a hurry with whatever it is. Hello there! Are these not perfect examples of Criminal Minds in Kenya

Must the police always be their for traffic rules to be enforced? It boils down to the motorist. Criminal Minds in Kenya can really get into ones nerves. Look at passengers who harass ‘matatu’ touts simply because they want to alight from public service vehicles at non designated areas. Who is then fooling who?

The other day some crazy Professor shot at some other motorist simply because he was blocking his way. Criminal Minds in Kenya should know that they are painting Kenya’s image so negatively. What about taking wrong lanes and overtaking in sharp corners? What about over speeding?

Some motorists have the guts of driving un road worthy vehicles, and easily get away, simply because they can afford ‘kitu kidogo” (a small bribe to the police officer). I love the Yes we can slogan that was popularly synonymous with President Barrack Obama. This is because it reminds me that if we mean to change from evil, yes! We can.

A dozen of traffic police officers are equally guilty and fall under the Criminal Minds in Kenya category. They shamelessly receive ‘kitu kidogo’ from traffic offenders and let them go unpunished. We lay down rules on paper but we the Criminal Minds in Kenya flout them unapologetically. Some officers even engage in criminal activities, forgetting that they are law enforcers.

Criminal Minds in Kenya and the littering of rubbish

I was walking past Uhuru Park in Nairobi and was shocked to see lots of rubbish scattered all over the place. One of my friends reminded me that city ‘kanjo’ are sleeping on their jobs. I disagreed with him simply because while we want to blame them for the cleanliness, it’s our responsibility to ensure that we do not litter rubbish any how.

The once beautiful Uhuru Park was slowly

turned into a garbage shade by the so Criminal Minds in Kenya. They spit all over, buy biscuits and scorns and litter the papers all over. May be I would accept their excuse if we had no rubbish bins around. Interestingly the city council spent millions of shillings to ensure that bins are all over the town and at crucial points so that our city and amazing country remain clean.

It is amazing how the Criminal Minds in Kenya walk comfortably and proudly ready to point a finger at authorities forgetting that they are culprits themselves.

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