Disaster Preparedness a sham

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

Ceremonial thinkers without an execution plan are as good as disaster itself. Many a times word has been renting around the air in formal and informal pronouncement, that disaster is looming right at our doorsteps, what shocks, is the way each one of us casually is responsive or non responsive. It obviously appears that none of us is seriously willing or ready to embrace Disaster Preparedness. As mentioned elsewhere in this site, people in this amazing country should not continue suffering.

Pre and post Disaster Preparedness

What is the importance of creating or having several institutions that deal with disaster related matters yet, the impact is shadowed under a spat of calamities? I am trying to emphasis on a point that a National strategy needs to be developed with a clear budget and mandate of assessing and creating tangible and doable interventions to manage both pre and post Disaster Preparedness.

A cost analysis methodology should be adopted to determine the relation between preventive interventions verses the aftermath effects of disasters. Disaster Preparedness is not like a soldier who retreats into the woods several yards a way from the battlefield, finds a hiding place and waits. Best not to take a chance. Disaster preparedness needs to be managed with an onslaught-the power of instant response in pre and post Disaster Preparedness.

James opts to wriggle and Challenge the Disaster Preparedness principle

James’s head was dizzy with questions now. The choice of bolting again, to scramble for a little more? The odds of trying his ends meet out of a dollar? Each seemed futile. Whatever it was, James thought, he alone could solve his problem and he made his decision to dash out to join the swelling crowds, in unison they scooped the miraculous petroleum product that was flowing on the surface of the river. It was like manner dropping from heaven.

James recounts that it didn’t take more than 5 minutes before he was deafened by a loud explosion and blinded by a repulsive fiery and massive fire. “It was so fast even, the sky rockets couldn’t evade. I found myself in hospital with what the doctors said were fifty per cent body burns. I now realize how important it is to think with my head and not my stomach,” he says.

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James’s case is a representative of many Kenyans who believe that they must think about their stomachs first no matter what it costs. Many Kenyans are living below poverty levels, and days pass by before they taste a meal. Some wonder, ‘what’s the point of life that knows no happiness?’ They’d rather go for instant death that ends their misery.

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Disaster Preparedness calls for looking at all avenues that dictate to the mind of the recipient. Disaster Preparedness must aim to recondition the mindset of an individual to the effect that there is a danger or a problem that must be addressed and if not, the likely effects could be disastrous.

Whose responsibility is it when it comes to Disaster Preparedness?

We are used to blame games, and we always let it go without a single solution. Politicizing every single tragedy year in, year out only puts the question of our Disaster Preparedness to naught. We’ve tactfully crafted a scenario where we are not to blame, where us our government receives all the blame on ill Disaster Preparedness.

When we are told to vacate some of the housing units that are poorly constructed we seem to side with the owners who seek redress from the courts. We are quick to raise a blaming finger on the government for demolishing residential houses that are illegally constructed. It’s unfortunate and a pity, to note how people in the slums construct their houses everywhere and anyhow. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

I am not in any way saying that the Government is well equipped in Disaster Preparedness. It has failed in many ways by sleeping on their job, waiting for a disaster to happen, so that they can run up and down looking for solutions, to condole and to

Appease the affected. Disaster Preparedness requires concerted efforts, education and skill both at policy making and implementation levels.

Besides the government playing its role in Disaster Preparedness the citizens of this country should be prepared and avoid putting their lives at stake, it is suicidal to ignore facts just because we are poor. The case of SINAI and others elsewhere are envisaged as poverty driven, what amuses a passerby is the fact that some of the people who claim to be poor are indeed not poor; they can afford better lives, but earn their lively hood from the other poor slum dwellers and hence maintaining the status quo works for them.

The only remedy left at the moment in light of nothing being done at government quarters is to pray for Devine intervention to help  us understand the importance of Disaster Preparedness.