Human Trafficking in Kenya – Probity of an Emerging New Trend

Human Trafficking in Kenya is synonymous to a syndicate of well organized and established human traffickers. ‘It’s practically scary to imagine that our kids are prone to this syndicate’. Have you ever heard reports of kidnappings in your neighbourhood?

Human Trafficking in Kenya

Human Trafficking in Kenya

The syndicate’s networks are feared to spread their wings in the three East African countries. Recent revelations suggest street urchins as possible accomplices of child trafficking.

One chilly Sunday morning, I decide to stroll in one of the slums in my neighborhood.

In less than ten minutes a stampede of people encroached in my vicinity a distant in front of me. I could not help but watch on the sidelines of the crowded path.





 Human Trafficking in Kenya -Out of curiosity

Being a person that never let ‘News’ pass right in front of my eyes, I was kind enough to tap the back of a teenage boy aged about 15. “Good morning! I greeted him. What the hell is happening?” I asked.

He seemed not to make a big deal out of my curiosity. “Do you really want to know? He asked calmly. Sure! Go ahead.’ I responded.  What’s your name? I went on. ‘It is Jerry,’ he replied while suspiciously watching my every move.

After a lengthy time of discussion with Jerry, I immediately established that the hullabaloo was all about Human Trafficking in Kenya.

A hardcore street urchin was alleged to have kidnapped a girl aged 9. He admitted to be working as an emissary of an unidentified syndicate. He is said to be in receipt of a fee of between Ksh1000 to1500 for every child he delivers.

Human Trafficking in Kenya– discreet trend

Human Trafficking in Kenya has been reported in some City Hospitals, where newly born babies will disappear in unclear circumstances.

The about turn in Human Trafficking in Kenya has seen an emergence of a discreet and well developed systematic process.

According to Jerry it appears that Child traffickers operating in the city seem to be recruiting street urchins to abduct children mainly in slum areas, and then deliver them to their masters.

“This is not the first time we are witnessing this. I lost my younger sibling in a similar incident and when we found him, he said he was lured by a street boy and whisked in a waiting car and the destination was to a recreational park where he was treated with goodies, but he managed to escape,” Says Jerry.

Human Trafficking in Kenya probably is somewhat not given the attention it deserves. It is imperative that records show an upsurge in child trafficking. Kilimani OCPD, Bernard Muli is quoted by one of the local newspapers as saying that the upsurge is caused by negligent parents.

Human Trafficking in Kenya, though not extensively discussed involves abducting children, ferrying them to designated hideouts and in some instances sold outside the country as sex slaves.

‘Trafficking in persons also involves recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of a person with the aim of exploitation by means of threat, force, coercion, abduction, fraud, and by effecting of payment, abuse of power or of position of authority.’

Domestic Human Trafficking in Kenya is a serious violation of human rights. It involves using children for child labour and sex slavery. Normally the victims are subjected to forced labour and prostitution.

Human Trafficking in Kenya is rife and is regarded as a key transit point for traffickers.

A report released by the US Department of State, Trafficking in Persons Report 2010 reports that ‘Kenya is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women and children.’

 Human Trafficking in Kenya -The Counter Trafficking in Persons Act, 2010

In Article 3(5) of this Act provision for hefty penalties is accorded if a person is found guilty of human trafficking. The person is liable for imprisonment for a term not less than 30years or to a fine of not less than Ksh30m or both and upon subsequent conviction, to imprisonment for life.

“We need to address the issue of poverty, and launch awareness campaigns to eradicate ignorance from parents,’ says a senior official in the Ministry of Labour who declined to be named.

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Human Trafficking in Kenya must therefore be addressed with the strength it deserves.

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