How use of Illegal Narcotics in Kenya has Affected the Youth

Taking of Illegal Narcotics in Kenya has reached alarming proportions. People take Illegal Narcotics in Kenya for various reasons. Some just started as a joke with their peers, others out of mischief or boredom, frustrations especially in these harsh economic times, others started on them as prescription drugs and others because they have graduated to harder narcotics to have the desired effect.

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Effects of Illegal Narcotics in Kenya

It is very unfortunate that our youth are so involved in Illegal Narcotics in Kenya that they are not just lost in death but in their very existence. They are so reliant on these Illegal Narcotics in Kenya they can barely function without them. By function I do not mean they are even able to do any decent jobs to earn a living. They mostly wake up, get a few shillings any way they can, even if it means selling household goods or engage in crime and make their way to the bases where these hard drugs are sold.

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Illegal Narcotics in Kenya

Shared Needles

Drugs like cocaine. Opium, PCP, and heroin are available but are too expensive for these poor souls. Some of the Illegal Narcotics in Kenya taken orally or inhaled are so misused that the drug addicts do not feel their effect. So they resort to their own concoction of drugs which they inject themselves with for a quick high. The needles used by more than one person, are dirty and are breeding for all kinds of infections and this has led to another quick spread of HIV.

The addicts will sleep until the need for another shot arises. Those who are addicted to Illegal Narcotics in Kenya exist for the next shot; their lives are totally lost to drugs. Those who attempt to work can barely be consistent and end up losing their jobs anyway.

Recently I was watching in the news about the addicts who had been on Illegal Narcotics in Kenya after a police swoop in Mombasa. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. As a parent I could feel the pain of parents out there who have lost their children to these drugs. These young men and women are supposed to be in their prime; being the most productive but it’s a sad case of a lost generation, lost resources.

They were a miserable lot, haggard older than their years and with no will to live. Their cases were more pathetic because they were suffering from withdrawal symptoms. The government had removed their source of ‘survival’ but the precautionary measures taken to counter the withdrawal symptoms were not in place. Some tried to hold on and in the process lost their lives while others simply went back to the drugs. It was sad watching their stories told again and again and the government not willing or unable to treat the matter with the urgency it deserved. What a way to treat this beautiful country

Illegal Narcotics in Kenya Schools

These Illegal Narcotics in Kenya have found their way into schools especially bhang and marijuana. Our children are being introduced to this vice, causing unrest in schools, schools being burnt and many other unspeakable things. The biggest fear for most parents with children in schools is not the fear of failing exams, but they fear their children being dragged into Illegal Narcotics in Kenya.

Arrest the suppliers of Illegal Narcotics in Kenya

Our honorable Minister for Security Prof. George Saitoti recently gave a list of suspected drug barons in Kenya; all prominent and some even Members of Parliament. I could hear a sigh of relief from Kenyans that what had been whispered about was coming true.  They will pay for their crimes! You can imagine my shock when they could not find a trace of evidence linking these prominent figures with supply of Illegal Narcotics in Kenya.  It is the only country where illegal narcotics bring themselves, supply themselves and pocket the money.

Illegal Narcotics in Kenya

Could it be true he deals with Illegal Narcotics in Kenya?

I kept on hoping that one day one of them will be caught and guess what? The President of USA himself has evidence that our very own MP for Kilome Mr. Harun Mwau is the King Pin. He has amassed all his wealth from killing our innocence children.

What to do with suppliers of Illegal Narcotics in Kenya

If it were up to me, I would lock them up, throw away the key and feed him on these narcotics, him and his associates. (They need to get a taste of their own medicine; most of them don’t take this killer). In fact anyone dealing in Illegal Narcotics in Kenya is the worst criminal and should not be allowed to walk amongst sane people.