Integrated Marketing Communication

intergrated marketing communications

Integrated marketing communication can be defined a systematic approach to achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign through the use of a series of well coordinated promotional methods that reinforce and complement each other’s contribution to the promotional activity. Business Training in Kenya has more information. Integrated marketing recognizes the value communication in advertising and aims at providing clarity and consistency of whatever is being prompted. Engineering in Kenya has more information.

Integrated Marketing CommunicationProcess of Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is a process of managing customer relationships that drive brand value through communication efforts. It includes cross-functional processes which aim at creating and nourishing business relationships with customers and various stakeholders by controlling or influencing all messages sent to them encouraging data-driven, meaningful dialog with the clients and other stakeholders.

Integrated Marketing Communication also includes integration and coordination of all marketing communication tools and sources within a company. This integration affects all stakeholders including employees.

Integrated Marketing Communication Components

Integrated marketing communication has four components mainly

A foundation which includes the corporate image, brand management, the buyer behavior and promotion analysis.

Tools for advertising which talks of advertising management, design, the theoretical frameworks, types of appeals. Advertising reinforces brand image and company’s image.

Tools for promotion: they include trade and consumer promotions, database marketing, personal selling, public relations and customer relations management and sponsorships.

Finally integration tools which deal with internet marketing, evaluating marketing program integrated marketing communication for SMEs and integrated marketing programs.

Importance of Integrated Marketing Communication

It has enabled advertising to be done in a numerous forms of communication

It has enabled the establishment of niche media that is aimed at doing the promotional activity to a target audience.

It has enabled the control of market to be in the hands of the consumers and retailers and not only manufacturers.

It has enabled advertising transition to data based marketing from low agency accountability to greater agency accountability, particularly in advertising.

It has also enabled use of performance based compensation as one is paid according to his contribution to the organization and not traditional compensation theory

It has enabled also the availability of goods and services through the internet

It helps ensure consistency of message and the complementary use of media

It deals with both offline and online marketing channels of distribution.

Development of the program integrates all elements of marketing mix

ICM helps their clients with the knowledge of use of different types of media in their advertising activities.

Conclusion on Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing is a very essential tool for business people and each one of them should try and embrace its services. They should do adequate market research and know exactly what their clients’ needs are and the various media of reaching them. It is a long term marketing investment tool. Please note this article on Integrated Marketing Communication.

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