IT Jobs In Kenya

IT jobs in Kenya has increased due to the need of information technology trained staff. Information technology covers all jobs that are related to computing technology,such as networking, hardware, software and the internet.Computing technology is applied in nearly all companies in the world today. In every organization there must be skilled personnel for easy running of the company’s duties.

IT Jobs In KenyaIT Jobs in Kenya; How to Find IT Jobs

Acquiring a skill and knowledge is an easy process, but getting a place or organization to implement it can be challenging. There are many opportunities in this industry; here are steps to follow to find IT jobs Up-to-date resume Prepare a resume or curriculum vitae with all your current information, you can write it in a new format. In this new resume emphasize your capabilities, such as software applications, programming languages, databases, network systems, and operating systems.

Write a cover letter that states your ability with the position you are seeking. The cover letter should be directed to a specific person and have your contact information for any future contact.Contact friends You should contact your friends and references let and they know that you are looking for employment. Join networking groups, which will assist you find a job and get new connections that will help you in the future.

Check on websites In this time of technology, there are many websites that advertise available jobs in information technology. This sites help you narrow down your search by the position and this will save you more time. These websites have jobs in information technology in a specialized area or field.

Resume online You can place your resume online. Some potential employers and human resource departments check resume on online sites for potential employees. With computer knowledge your skills will help you search, prepare resumes and network with potential employers.

Latest IT Jobs In Kenya

There are very many IT jobs in Kenya available. Here are a few examples;Applications engineer, chief technology or information officer, computer and  systems information manager, information technology director.

For networking and programming experts the following jobs are in the market.Network architect, network engineer, network system administrator, programmer analyst

People with certification in software and systems here are some jobs that one can take; Software engineer, Software quality assurance analyst, Support specialist,System administrator, System analyst, System architect System designer and Systems software engineer.

 IT Jobs in Kenya; Staff Duties

Network administrator and engineer The administrator manages and maintains an organization’s (LAN), while the engineer designs, plans and implements the (LANs and WANs).Web programmers and webmasters  They are responsible for designing, developing applications and scripts for the World Wide Web. They also assist in implementing them.

Database administrator and analyst

They plan, design, develop and implement of organizations database management systems.

Hardware and software engineer

The hardware engineer designs a computer application, while the software engineer designs and programs the computer software system.

There are many specialists who can assist in hospitals, offices, schools and banks. The IT jobs in Kenya give that chance to all who are ready to get into this field.

  • this article helped me to find job opportunities in Kenya .it helped me in preparing resume and cover letter with the format used in Kenya.