The killer content Blog that will turn your world around

Over and over again, I have keenly tried not to underestimate the inkling that secretly transforms a Blog into a killer instinct in the money making process. It has hardly dawned on me that both the simplicity and complexity of the processes, is a blend that exceedingly excites the blogger who has gained some knowledge of what it means, and what it takes to establish a Blog that will turn around his fortunes.

You can simply make anything out of a Blog, to some it’s just a company Blog, to others it’s the image of the organization while to others hopefully, it becomes a marketing tool. Amazingly, the secret in the strength that presents itself in a tangible form develops from an inner drive that pushes irresistibly. Social channels are communication tools between you and your clients. A Blog can help you achieve your intended dreams and goals by constant communication with your customers.

How to earn money with your Blog



I had a friend who simply developed a Blog for purposes of exploration on how the general lifestyle of young professionals were being impacted by social media, but this changed within a fortnight when he discovered that the traffic that started streaming in was incredible.

“I turned my Blog into a single marketing tool for my brand; I then quit my well paying job to put my concerted efforts into this new venture. I had to start contextualizing my thoughts on every scenario that presented itself on lifestyle trends. I eventually started getting consultancy inquiries.”

My friend says that his killer content was the reason why traffic increased. “Once my clients started seeing ads on my site, they did not hesitate to ask for my rates- I would gladly invent one. My gross annual revenue is now about $3,000 more than enough to support my family and staff.”

Never hesitate to collaborate when people seek to advertise with you. Advertisements can earn you considerable chunks of monies in consistent regimes. Ensure that your articles are ranked using the specific Google ranks. Keep updating your Blog and ensuring your Blog page is well designed and captivating or eye catching.

It is unfortunate that most people hire others to write articles yet they don’t have similar insights as you. It is possible that your staff could go into a rant and either distort the original thematic content or just spoil it for you. Never allow someone else to pretend to be you. Your Blog can easily go into the drains with this kind of people. So it is important if you dedicate the lifeline of your Blog to yourself.

 The Cost of starting a Blog

Costs of starting a Blog will vary from place to place and at different times. My friend spent about $450 on a web designer. But since he was adventurous he did most of the other details including the background on apparel manufacturing and overseas sourcing. He is currently taking a part time course on internet marketing that he excitedly shares with many.

It is also instructive to know that if you get your facts right on the intent of developing a Blog then the cost of setting one is insignificant compared to the direct and indirect earnings of the same within the shortest time possible. Blogging can easily create other business empires just with that single Blog. This means that indirectly your Blog will expose you to the world of other business.

In this 21st century it is possible to get web designers of your Blog at a cost of $30 or even less. What you need to ensure is that your Blog is not compromised in terms of visible quality. You must ensure in each set up or even articles that your content is guided by the principle of quality over quantity.

 What are the challenges involved in a developed Blog?

A Blog can have its own challenges, but each day should be treated as a learning process. As much as there’re certain guiding principles that generally guide one to operate a Blog, we can’t for certain say there is a general winning formula, other than varied and unique gifting exhibited by different bloggers.

When you are not ready to explore further, you are sometimes taken by a surprise in the influx of traffic that is demanding for more services. For those blogging and are ill equipped, and not ready to handle the demands presented by the Blog, they’re at risk of experiencing occasional meltdowns.

It is also possible to invest in intensive items, which in essence yield less traffic but aren’t worth the time spent on them. So it’s important to maintain the aspect of humor and easy catching items on your Blog. The choice of photos and Key words is really a motivation to the reader. Your uniqueness and expertise will naturally add value in attracting traffic on your Blog. Over exaggeration can be a spoiler, while being simple and naturalistic becomes a bonus to your Blog.

Hiring of staff with the right skills, motivation and respect for your personal deep understanding of the vision for the Blog can prove to be a headache. This is simply because your Blog is like your baby; you’re not going to live it with any Tom, Dick and Harry. If by virtue, you decide to make a habit, of doing all your social media postings by yourself, it becomes an automatic added value for you and you Blog.

Be real and avoid duplication for the sake of your Blog. Learn how to own your own ideas and lead the way for your traffic to follow you. Don’t turn over your database of clients to a random person. Avoid ads that will distract you away from content on your Blog. Don’t be discouraged when traffic hits are low in a day . Take this as a challenge to re look at your style so that you can improve your Blog.