Lakes in Kenya – Another Glamorous site of the Great Rift Valley

Lakes in Kenya

Lake Nakuru (Home to flamingos)

Oh my! The beautiful and glamorous sites of the Lakes in Kenya can only but add up to the already existing humor and spectacular, glittering rich and natural heritage bestowed unto our mother land Kenya. If you want to protect and keep your young face fresh or turn your already wrinkled face to the world of smiling then join me in this incredible journey of discovery.

What a diversity of richness? The wonder of the Great Rift Valley has only ignited the prehistoric fissure.  The oldest, largest and deepest lakes in Kenya are ranked world wide. They extend from the highest part in the north to the deepest end of the south. Exciting adventure isn’t it?

Lakes in Kenya and tourism attraction

‘Who wants to be left out on one of the memorable trips ever in their life? The Great Rift Valley produces some of the best natural sites to behold. Lakes in Kenya happen to fall around this blessed area and were created during the formation of the great East African Rift Valley which runs through the whole eastern side of Africa.’

What a sight? And more and more for the taking… Some of these Lakes in Kenya are rich in sceneries of species of unique birds and wildlife, crocodiles, Rhinos, fossils, geysers and hot springs are a common site around Lakes in Kenya. You aren’t going to be left starving as all stops will see you taste the local delicacies.

‘Did you know that Lakes in Kenya have always attracted a big number of tourists? For example in Lake Bogoria there is a spectacular view of geyser erupting up to three metres producing a pungent sulphuric smell. What about Lake Nakuru with a carpet of pink flamingos?

The beautiful scenery of Lakes in Kenya some with huge colonies of unique species of birds and other gorgeous and photogenic animals are a site to look out when visiting Kenya. The people around Lakes in Kenya are extremely amazing and hospitable.

Lakes in Kenya harbor within and without tremendous sites to view and behold, of species of glamorous flora and fauna straddling the centre of the Great Rift Valley. Local and International tourists are encouraged to visit or stop over and see some of the recommended Lakes in Kenya.

Lakes in Kenya; some of the Lakes include;

  1. Lake Baringo, this is amongst the Lakes in Kenya found at the northern most region of the Great Rift Valley. The rivers that feed it include Elmoro and Ol Arabel rivers. Runs about 130 It boosts of over 450 species of birds which flock in this area. It has suffered set backs of fish reduction due to constant reduction in water levels. Recently added on the UNESCO list.
  2. Lakes in Kenya

    Lake Bogoria

    Lake Bogoria, this is notable amongst the Lakes in Kenya that have geysers and hot springs due to its positioning in a volcanic region to the south of Lake Baringo. It is an alkaline lake.

  3. Lake Naivasha, This one of the fresh water Lakes in Kenya found in North West of Nairobi. It occasionally witnesses sudden storms that strike it with no clarity of where it comes from. It’s spread over an area of about 160sq. km. It boosts of over 400 different species of birds and a visible presence of Hippos. Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake.
  4. Lake Victoria, This is the greatest Lake in Africa. It’s one of the most unique and productive Lakes in Kenya. It is the source of River Nile which is a life line of Egypt. It is the largest tropical lake in the world and the second largest fresh water lake in terms of surface area. Lake Victoria has about 3000 islands in the region with a unique species of fish the Nile perch. Some are inhabited while others are not. It is shared amongst the three East African Countries Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and is covered by an area of 69,000sq km. The beautiful scenery of Hippos and other fish species is a sight to behold.
  5. Lake Magadi is a salt water lake with volcanic springs. It is the main source of soda Ash in Kenya. A Kenyan  Mineral.
  6.  Lake Elementaita is one of the Lakes in Kenya that was recently recognized and added on the UNESCO list. It hosts occasionally the flamingo and over 100species of migratory birds. It is a breeding colony of the great white pelicans.
  7. Lake Nakuru, is amongst the only Lakes in Kenya that boosts of the certain hosting of the pink flamingos. Rhinos are common in the area. It is also amongst the recently added on the UNESCO list. It is housed by Nakuru National Park
  8. Lake Turkana, this is amongst the Lakes in Kenya that harbors crocodiles, and jade waters. Great fossils can also be traced their. Though it is a fresh water late, its location is most baffling, in that it is located in northern Kenya, a semi desert.
  9. Other Lakes in Kenya include Lake Chala, Lake Jipe, Lake Ratunda and Lake Alice.

Tours and Travels to Lakes in Kenya

Any holiday for either foreign or local tourist cannot be complete without a visit to any one of the Lakes in Kenya in all this places you will get a hotel or lodge of international standards for accommodation. They also serve local and international cuisines, so rest assured you are not about to starve. Some of this Hotels and Lodges are located in isolated areas, advance and though rough booking is important to avoid disappointments.

Lakes in Kenya are a gift for our socio-economic development and overall contributor of the pride of Kenya.