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The beauty of kenya can only be experienced.

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Nairobi National Park

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Be Acquainted with Computer for Schools Kenya

Computer For Schools Kenya (CFSK) is a non-governmental and non-profit generating NGO. It is devoted to sanctioning young Kenyan’s with ICT skills at literacy level so as to assist them to further supplement the Gross National Product in order to capably take part in today’s global economy which is based on technology. The main goal for the organization is to supply ICT infrastructure to all learning institutions all over Kenya.

How to Effectively Publish a Book on Amazon

For any author and writer, How to Effectively Publish a Book on Amazon is the beginning to achieving success. Writing is not the difficult task but rather it is the publishing and promotion of the book that spells success or failure. That is how we come across best sellers and books that accumulate dust on the shelves without anyone referring to them.

How to Effectively Publish a Book on AmazonSteps on How to Effectively Publish a Book on Amazon

Most publishers in today’s world seek to publish books of writers who have already established themselves in the writing business. Authors who are well known tend to write books that end up being best sellers due to their prior credibility. How to publish a book on Amazon is knowledge essential for any writer, either already existing or new in the market. There is always a starting point for anybody to establish themselves in a trade. Even new comers or new authors could turn out to be better than their predecessors if they know the right channel to follow to publish their books and promote them well.

For publishers who handle new authors the amounts they offer them is not as lucrative as that which they offer to the already authors. This is because they are assured of making quick and prompt profits from the authors who are already established and well known. How to publish a book on Amazon helps even the new authors come u quickly and establish themselves. It is interactive and the new author can learn on better ways to improve their work as well as be able to market the materials published online. Amazon offers opportunities for businesses with products through affiliate marketing. There are so many people registering on a daily basis to be able to market products free of charge but earn a commission from the sale of the product at the end of the day.

How to publish a book on Amazon is a question many writers and authors ponder with. The newest method of writing is that of developing a massive platform online making publisher’s move their interest to you the author and writer. In prior times writers survived by asking critics to critic their books and give a response

How to Effectively Publish a Book on Amazon – The Benefits

How to publish a book on Amazon has very many benefits as opposed to publishing a book anywhere and with any available publisher. It is very affordable and easy to publish on Amazon associated with the lack of printing expenses. The benefits gained are also solely for the writer.  Publishing on Amazon is free it is only after the books have been sold that Amazon takes on a small percentage of the sale amount as their profit.

 Techniques of How to Effectively Publish a Book on Amazon

There are several techniques available on how to publish a book on Amazon for writer’s authors. The first step would be to subscribe on Amazon and get an account. Upon subscription the writer will be issued with a login ID. The second step would be to login to the new account and check out the bookshelf after which the writer will be required to click on the ‘add new title’ tab. Amazon is very customer friendly and will aid the writer in the various fields to be completed.

The first field required on how to publish a book on Amazon is the title of the book and its description. Keywords are strategically situated so that people looking for specific material find it with no hassle. The Book contributor is the next required field. If the book is co-authored then this is the stage at which to indicate it and avoid future lawsuits on plagiarism grounds publication dates are really not necessary and not highly recommended by publishers.

How to publish a book on Amazon requires the writer to fill in the class field. This is very important and picking ideal ones for the e-book to be published. The more competitive a class is the most detailed and interesting the classes chosen should be. The writer needs to do extensive research of keywords and Subcategories. The address and Help and disable are mandatory fields. Disabling DRM prohibits the unauthorized circulation of the writer’s material without their approval.  Other fields that will complete the publishing process are in verifying the writers publishing rights and royalties.

How to publish a book on Amazon is very easy even for the first time author. Of course the process will seem somewhat difficult on the onset but if taken with care and adequate research the new author can reduce a great result. Through research, consultation and the various options available the publishing process need not be an uphill task.

Every author upon completing a manuscript will always ponder on how to publish a book on Amazon or with any other publisher. The common procedure is to obtain an agent who will source for a publisher or many publishers. This will cost the writer and considering that to get a publisher ready to publish the work of a first time author is very difficult. This could take a really long time and not only demoralize the author but also make the content written out of time if it was for example an informative series this has resulted in many first time authors to sell their rights to publishers allowing them to do whatever they pleased with the authors content.

Other new authors have decided to do the publishing themselves. How to publish a book on Amazon allows can give advice on self publishing ,  it not only allows the author to retain their rights but also have control of how they want the book to appear it involves the production, cover layout, and even marketing. The first time author self publishing their own book need not seek permission for anything and also the profits earned are the result of their hard work.

Technological advancements have paved way for a lot of online businesses. One of the things that has benefited from this is writers and authors who can publish their books online and market them at the same time. The costs of publishing are low, the promotion is aggressive and the profits are awesome is how to publish a book on Amazon has helped authors and writers.

And thus How to Effectively Publish a Book on Amazon

Why you’re Money Counts for Nothing


Why is Money so precious that it keeps you alert? Do you ever find yourself broke yet someone else’s account, has an accumulation of a massive Kshs 300 million in a bank account locally or overseas? Or how a politician’s asset worth billions of shillings is questionable? It’s amazing how people amass this kind of wealth.

My argument is basically what you and I know. The way, you and I live in our daily lives. ‘I will be very frank with you.’ To start off, let me answer that question from the outset: your Money counts for nothing because it is yours and not theirs. The more affluent you are, the more your Money counts for nothing. Allow me to explain.

Corruption; Creating a corrupt free Kenya



It is amazing that Kenyans are voted the most optimistic people in the continent of Africa, while on the contrary the country is ranked high as a consistent haven of Corruption. Isn’t that a worrying trend, especially when Kenya is at the forefront in advocacy of a unified East African Community?

Corruption refers to any misuse of power or position of trust in order to gain an undue advantage. What does this really mean? In simple terms, if a person with responsibility or position of trust seeks or camouflages directly or indirectly to gain undue advantage over others then this abuse and conduct is Corruption.

We always want to give monstrous names to Corruption some will refer Corruption in Kenya as a huge mountain to climb, a beast that can never be killed and so on and so forth. Corruption comes in many forms such as cronyism, nepotism, extortion, patronage, bribery, graft, embezzlement, brain washing etc.

Corruption in Kenya is slowing the EAC from taking off

Recently, in a certain forum a senior Tanzanian government official was heard saying and I quote “Jumuia ya Afrika mashariki ni jambo zuri sana lakini, twaogopa wakenya wasije wakatunyanganye mashamba yetu, pia wasije kutuambukiza ukabila.” This means that Kenyans are likely to transfer their culture of tribalism and Corruption to the East African Community, and that they are potential land grabbers.