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Just how fast can a town grow? Just 10 years ago, this street hardly had 5 shops, today its a modern street with high rise buildings. More »

The beauty of kenya can only be experienced.

En-route from Subukia to Nyahururu More »

Wildlife varieties to be experienced

These ferocious animal is captured here in a serene mood, the calmness of this big five category is fascinating and to be experienced More »

Dry River Bed, are becoming a reality as effects of global warming take effect

The beauty of the country may one day be in the past if nothing is done about global warming, dry river beds are becoming a common feature. More »

Nairobi National Park

Disappearing indigenous trees More »


Secrets of Magical Kenya

Secrets of Magical Kenya

‘Home sweet home’ is a sighing of both comic relief and a joy that catapults the magical touch and fabulous moments of the Secret of  Magical Kenya. It’s a dream Country and a Nation that has overcome a myriad of adversities and challenges with a success story to sell beyond the boarders.

Secrets of Magical Kenya
Secrets of Magical Kenya

‘I am a proud Kenyan with a cultural background that has its own wealth of identity. Many of us come from different cultural backgrounds identities but at the end of it we are a united Nation. Yes! Najivunia kuwa Mkenya (I am proud to be a Kenyan). Mhhhh! This is just a hint of what the Secrets of  Magical Kenya can offer. The spectacular and terrific tourist sites with breathtaking scenery of a wide range of wildlife species, unravels the hidden Secrets of  Magical Kenya.

Psychology a critical thinker’s tool

Psychology? It’s amazing and exceedingly exciting as human beings become a mark of reasoning, creating a tool for themselves that they’d rather refer to as Psychology which helps them to think quite a lot. The word Psychology is interestingly derived form the Greek word known psyche which refers to ‘soul or mind. Psychologists generally define the term Psychology as both an applied and academic field which is used to study the behavior and mind of human beings.

Domestic Help in Kenya

Domestic Help

Domestic Help

How necessary is it to have Professional Domestic Help in Kenya? The modern woman no longer belongs in the kitchen. She moved to office jobs and other businesses. At times she keeps very late hours or works during the weekends. This has necessitated the need to acquire Domestic Help or a house assistant to take care of the children and the homes. Very crucial job this one, but is this common hhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllpppppppppppp, when you here this, you may be responding to nothing and everything, read more on

Stunts Domestic Help in Kenya Pull

Unfortunately, this has not been as smooth sailing as it may sound. Domestic Help in Kenya are notorious for resigning without notice. It may be in the morning when you are preparing to go to work when she stops you and says, ‘Mama John, sitaki kazi na nataka kuenda nyumbani (Mama John, I don’t feel like working anymore and would like to leave for home). Lini?’ (When?) Mama John (John’s Mother; so and sos’ mother is the term mostly used in Kenyan homes) asks numbly, trying to remember what could have triggered this kind of announcement.

Celebrity culture an influence to youth in Kenya


Celebrities of the Jungle

Most teenagers and youth in Kenya are rocked with an identity crisis when it comes to Celebrity. The Celebrity culture negatively or positively impacts on their general Lifestyles. Some youth are attracted and motivated by the financial package that comes with the Celebrity status while others admire the recognition and fame.

In the popular youth culture in Kenya, a Celebrity is normally referred to as a Celeb, Celebo or to some Sonko.It is a common trend by youth to refer to each other as Sonko or Celeb usually when one appears on media occasionally or when one of their own acquires some instant or gradual level of financial stability and extend some generosity to his hood.

‘Sonko’ is a term that popularly originated from the urban youth to mean that one has bales of money. Many young people from slam areas in urban settings spontaneously discovered their musical talents and exploited them to rise to Celebrity status.

Naturally a Celebrity in Kenya would have a prominent profile with the media and can be easily identified or recognized. A Kenyan Celebrity would sometimes be identified with all the wrong things but among the Kenya youth this only uplifts their popularity.