Does Political Agenda advances with time?

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Changing Political Agenda !?, As time tickled, I looked at my watch and retired to bed. It reminded me of those days that my dad used to motion us, or rather summon us to our bedrooms, especially after we had had our sumptuous dinner; this was always after the 7 o’clock Kenya Broadcasting Corporation KBC night news. The theme of each broadcasted news, centered and revolved around a Political Agenda.

Our eyes glued on the TV set unperturbed by the surroundings as Baba (Retired former President Moi) uttered the trade mark Harambee! As a unison response of Nyayo! , reverberated the air. He spoke in a unique authoritative and accented crackling voice, obviously advancing both a Political Agenda and some Government position.

Today, the Political Agenda has been perfected by the art of mischief, blackmail, witch hunt and impunity.

Each Electioneering year has a Political Agenda

Political Agenda

Political Agenda

After each five years, an election must be held in Kenya. Normally the year that precedes the election is polarized with a heat of politics. Whether the Political Agenda at that time is making sense or not, it’s up to the electorate to decide. One thing that amazes me is how politicians manage to camouflage amidst a Political Agenda that has no value to the Country.

Is it the electorate or the electoral system or both that should be faulted when a sinister Political Agenda is sneaked into the system? More often politicians are quick to point an accusing finger or blame, to the electoral body and its commissioners. It is very difficult to conclude or allude, that the bulk of the blame is the electoral body, when we know very well the history in which this bodies were formed, with a direct hand of political masters. Of course this forms a major Political Agenda each time an election was to be held.

A Political Agenda is most of the time motivated by smear campaigns that categorically want to demean the characters of political opponents, so that they may be locked out of a clear cut lead by denying them a particular voting block.

Tribalism and ethnicity has been a major factor, used in galvanizing certain voting blocks or regions or regimes to favor particular presidential candidates. This means that objectivity, in advancing a Political Agenda is lost at the onset of any political campaign. Each electioneering year has a Political Agenda, but motivated by sinister intentions.

Is the ICC a strategic Political Agenda?

We only have one year before the elections are held under the new constitution. There is no doubt, the current ICC debate and the Confirmation of charges, proceedings, are going to play a major role, in determining the Political Agenda for the next election.

However, a more bitter approach is being advanced. Instead of healing the nation from the past mistakes, a more bitter rivalry is emerging. This can easily pick up a wrong Political Agenda that is likely to have a consequence.

To some, the ICC process is a blessing, while to others it’s a complete curse. This has brought about all manner of political accusations and counteraccusations. Again objectivity and reasoning has been lost. It tells us how a dangerous Political Agenda is likely to be born.

The best Political Agenda

It is very possible and realistic to craft and have a good Political Agenda. The era of dirty politics should find itself in the dustbin. We only need to identify true leaders who are action oriented with a feel for everybody. A political leadership that is devoid of tribal and ethnic infiltrations will always get a right Political Agenda.

The new constitution has provided room for us to strategically scrutinize our leaders on their integrity to govern. They must also have a good Political Agenda that is beneficial to all.