Relationships; the men’s fondness in cuddling, not sex


A good kiss

It’s amazing that by mare imagination one would assume that Relationships primarily entail sex and that the man is the dominant beast. Wow unto you for the shocker is unraveling it self in startling revelations from Kinsey Institute at America’s Indiana University.

Sex has always been tagged to man’s appetite and desire to the fulfillment of his manhood but contrary to that notion, the study suggests that men who are in long term Relationships are more satisfied  in anything tendering and soothing.

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The study on the other hand indicates that women value sex more than kisses, cuddling or snuggling as the Relationship progresses. Women are often emotionally affected after 15years in Relationships, due to the stress of giving birth and raising children but as they grow older the pressures reduce.

The new study targeted over 1,000 couples from five different countries. These countries included US, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Japan. Interestingly, the couples recruited were in Relationships for between one and 51 years and their ages ranged between 40 and 70 years.

Human beings are very complex and it is not surprising to fathom new expectations. Relationships are not spared either in the rapid growing challenges that are facing Humanity. However, Relationships can instructively cause a major break down if scientific researches in their entirety ignore the urgency of investing in the continuous study of this area.

Relationships and the startling revelations of intimacy

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine and he startled me when he said that sex is just but a bonus in intimacy. “I am in a Relationship where I find exhilaration in cuddling and kissing; the fonder my partner does this to me the more satisfied I get. My initially intense desire for sex is reducing by the day.” He says.

In the study the principle investigator Julia Herman said that their expectations were completely different than what the researcher’s outcome was. “We were interested in understanding  long lasting Relationships ” he said.

Half of the couples that participated were found to have been in Relationships for about 25 years.  He said their intent was to determine the intervals in the past one month that the respondents interviewed had cuddled, made love, kissed and caressed with their partner.

Relationships and happiness

The research also wanted to establish the degree of happiness in this Relationships and sex lives. The outcome revealed those men who had regular kissing and cuddling were three times as happy compared to those who had less snuggling with their partners.

The study while intending to find out the degree of Relationships’ and happiness using the above mentioned attributes as key determinants discovered divergent results between males and females.

While cuddles were seen as of great value in predicting the extent of happiness in men, women reported that acts of intimacy like kisses and hugs stimulated least their excitement and anxiety to happiness.

It is ridiculous to note that both the men and women in their Relationships are deeply engraved in their egocentric feelings. However, it is authoritative to believe that the findings also suggest that the longer their Relationships lasted their sex life also improved.

“Men were content to discover that their partners had enjoyed sex and that they had orgasms in the finality, “the report noted.

In the initial 15 years of Relationships, women are less sexually satisfied than men. The study reveals that Relationships that lasted more than 15 years had triggered the intensity of satisfaction to over 20 per cent more than the initial level.

Relationships and the findings

“The outcome suggests the importance of not making presumptions about genders. There’s no way to be sure that we are going to be certain or correct in any way,” says Heiman.

The findings are published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour journal. Pre-determination of results before the actual or final results can be misleading.

Relationships between partners can be determined over time. Women are seen to significantly become more sexually satisfied over time probably due to changes and experience of bringing up their children and life expectations.

Therefore, Relationships on the part of men as indicated by these results only seems to alienate the traditional presumption or notion that a man is simply a sex pet or animal.