Secrets of Magical Kenya

Secrets of Magical Kenya

‘Home sweet home’ is a sighing of both comic relief and a joy that catapults the magical touch and fabulous moments of the Secret of  Magical Kenya. It’s a dream Country and a Nation that has overcome a myriad of adversities and challenges with a success story to sell beyond the boarders.

Secrets of Magical Kenya
Secrets of Magical Kenya

‘I am a proud Kenyan with a cultural background that has its own wealth of identity. Many of us come from different cultural backgrounds identities but at the end of it we are a united Nation. Yes! Najivunia kuwa Mkenya (I am proud to be a Kenyan). Mhhhh! This is just a hint of what the Secrets of  Magical Kenya can offer. The spectacular and terrific tourist sites with breathtaking scenery of a wide range of wildlife species, unravels the hidden Secrets of  Magical Kenya.

The benevolence of the Secrets of Magical Kenya

What a sight to behold of the benevolent Lake Nakuru with a unique spectacle of massive Flamingos. The Secrets of Magical Kenya not only offers this but stimulates a tour of various places and sights giving you an opportunity to traverse and adventure far and wide. The mesmerizing cultural diversities are but an additive of the magical touch.

You only need to make an effort, and you will discover that in the Coastline the Ancient Fort Jesus welcomes tourists who find their way through the town of Mombasa. It’s  ancient history that has been enriched with a fortress stacked with real tools and weapons of treasured memorabilia. Fort Jesus was constructed for the Portuguese by the order of King Phillip 1 of Portugal in 1593, to provide safety against foreign invasion and local riots. It really offers a benevolence of the Secrets of Magical Kenya.

The spectacular sight of the majestic Fort Jesus still stands strong with a view of weapons such as canons, gun turrets, battlements, segmented houses like torture chambers and prison cells used for holding slaves in captivity before they were eventually traded off. The Secrets of Magical Kenya continues to unfold itself as you tour the monumental piece of architecture. It was a major transit point of slave trade and other barter trade commodities. It was frequently visited by seafarers.

Long distance runners holding the Secrets of Magical Kenya

Secrets of Magical Kenya

Long Distance Runners

The Secrets of Magical Kenya triumphantly offers the highlanders with much accolades and owe, but translated into a sacrilege to the westerners, who have gone to the best schools of sports so as to much up the clout of Kenyans, but this is all in vain. The slim, tall body figured highlander is a natural phenomenon that offers them with an opportunity to mint money and silence their opponents.

The prowess of the likes of the legendry Kipchoge Keino and Henry Rono is unearthed by the Secrets of Magical Kenya by nurturing a fertile ground of an unbeatable athlete’s power house. It’s amazing, how a magical Kenya has constantly set up a sustainable and unbreakable record in the annals of the world of Sports.

It all comes with a blessing of money and wealth. Talk of the Rudisha’s and the Saif Shaheen and no one will cheat you, that they haven’t chosen the right career. Wow, what a prolific blessing that the Secrets of Magical Kenya can offer to the highlanders.

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    This should not be secrets but facts to make every kenyan to smile always.