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Social Media Sites in Kenya

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“Gracious Lord! My fellow Kenyans lets do something about the starving masses in Turkana, if you can pray that’s a good thing and if you can contribute that’s even better,’’ said Anne Ndalo in one of the Social Media Sites  in Kenya.

Social Media Sites in Kenya is one that has achieved a rising popularity in the whole of Kenya with children from the ages as young as six and above accessing the internet. Despite the outcry that is intending to stop children from accessing the Social media sites an increase of the same is being recorded.

The addiction of the youth and young adults on Social Media Sites in Kenya

The addictions on Social Media Sites in Kenya are stimulated by various facts of life, stemming from upbringing attributes, modern trends, social settings, education and vocation. These amongst others have their own impacts that develop traits into the personality of an individual. The traits could either be positive or negative.

Social Media Sites in Kenya indicts both the youth and young adults into an addiction of excitement and pleasure. The youth are possibly driven into sexual expeditions that live them hooked up to the vice. Commonality in certain sites is a driving force that brings together youth with certain interests together.

Social Media Sites in Kenya has opened up a buzz of activities that give opportunities for the youth to reinvent themselves and to discover companions and friends who have similar inclinations with them. The only danger is that when they loose focus on what is good or bad they end up going to the extremes of negative addictions.

Social Media Sites in Kenya has advanced users to the extent that anyone with a good mobile phone can access internet at their own comfort. Experts feel that if children are not controlled early they might land into sites that will put them at risk of encountering sexual pests.

On the positive, Social Media Sites in Kenya has enabled people to find quick research work and educative information available on the internet.

Huge boost on a national cause via Social Media Sites in Kenya

Recently the Horn of Africa has suffered badly with an episode of drought and famine. In wider areas of Turkana County deaths have occurred due to starvation. Social Media Sites in Kenya opened up a fundraising campaign in response of the need for hunger and drought stricken areas.

A funds page on Facebook featuring a profile of an emaciated child with its legs and hands helplessly spread was a telling photo. Readers started responding overwhelmingly by sending emotional but positive comments and pledges. By end of day one a huge amount of money was already contributed in an initiative dubbed Kenyans4Kenya.

Social Media Sites in Kenya have helped raise awareness on national causes that require immediate action. Pancholi Atieno writing on one of the sites said, “I am greatly touched by the unity of Kenyans on this cause. I now admire the maturity of Kenyans and I wish we embrace it.

Are Social Media Sites in Kenya Replacing Outbound Marketing.

Out bound marketing has been with us since the advent of advertising, use of radio, television has been the in thing. Newspaper and written journals have played there part. The kenyan4kenya is a clear indicator of what the social media network has in store for us. Use of Social Media Sites in Kenya is gaining popularity especially with the youth or if you allow me “the future leaders” and anyone targeting them for whatever reasons may it be adverting, politics etc may better learn how to use Social Media sites in Kenya effectively.