Secrets to Success; What is the Secret Trigger?


Is this the door to Success

What are the Secrets to Success? It is amazing how sometimes we casually take life on the merit of its Success. Life has adorned us with an immense opportunity and immeasurable attributes; to think, to make big strides, to fail, to grasp and so on and so forth.

‘Have you ever thought why some wealthy people are mean? Or haven’t you taken time to listen to their Success stories?

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On the contrary, why would one spend sleepless nights which are punctuated with tedious imaginary images of Success plans and constantly remain impoverished? Is this what we call a failed vision? I wouldn’t allow myself to bore you with a series of lectures on Success stories.

I am neither an expert in this field, nor am I a motivational speaker, but we can traverse in the most simplest of ways cross examining ourselves.

It is instructive if we consider asking our selves the following questions; what is Success? Who is entitled to Success? When is one entitled to Success? How do we achieve this Success? I hope our discussion will somehow help to unravel this.

What is Success?

I believe Success is all about achieving your goals or plans. It is all about getting all that you wanted. Each one of us has a story, a story of Success or failure.

How do we achieve Success? My 10 points can help you become successful.

  1. You must have a will or intent deep within your heart
  2. You must be determined to work extremely hard but directed to achieving your Success dream
  3. You must also have a dream or visualize what kind of Success you want
  4. You must interrogate yourself, think and be certain of what you want
  5. Set down and organize your life plans and realistic goals that will help you achieve Success
  6. You must create a good image for your self
  7. Be ready to learn from mistakes and other peoples stories; but remember your story is more valuable. It might be the life changing time bomb.
  8. Remember that your self confidence counts for Success
  9. Be flexible and shade off fear of the unknown
  10. Be persistent in what you believe and let not your mind hinder your positivity.

Some of the factors that deny you Success;

When you give up and fail on persisting on issues.

  1. When you loss sense of direction and your focus is at fault.
  2. Lack of self confidence
  3. Lack of engaging your mind
  4. Fear of the unknown
  5. Having false belief
  6. Lack of flexibility
  7. Lack of planning

Then, let as realistically discover the secret trigger in every man’s Success. Many a times people have used this phrase that“ behind every successful man there is a woman’’ On the contrary, there is much more behind any Success.

Success for John

Scenario one;

A young man by the name John, completed college got a job and worked for about one year then suddenly he lost his job.

‘’I lost my job after the organization I used to work for closed down. I was lucky to have a spouse who supported me during this time.’’ He says

“I was lucratively accommodated and lacked nothing. I did not think anything beyond presenting my resume in search for a white color job. This happened for a long time and jobs were not forthcoming. Success seemed not to come by my way, ’’ He says.

‘’suddenly my dear spouse is taken away from me through a tragic road accident. I had nowhere to go since I had no relatives around, the situation was so unbearable, a dilemma that would crash me down,’’ He said

Success in a realigned thought of mind

In his confused state, he realizes that he must feed and he must also have shelter. There are two options that keep on lingering in his head. One is that he either looks for anything to do in the city whatever it is, or the second option is to go back to the village and see what farming options are there.

He has to think fast and make a quick decision or else time is not on his side. The idea of not having shelter or lacking food is not an interesting option. He discovers that Success can’t come by while waiting. It must be looked for.

Motivation as a Success trigger

John motivates himself, first he develops a business plan and decided to take a risk with the meager savings he had in his bank account. Why did he make this choice? He thought that if he had to travel back to the village he could possibly spend all his savings for transport. In his mind he had a clear vision and focus on the possible Success of the chosen venture.

After the demise of her spouse John had to relocate to a nearby suburb in the outcast of the city where the cost of living was relatively low. There were lots of ongoing construction works. John was good in cooking chapati and mandazi an art he perfected during his teenage days. This he thought would be the basis of his Success, since the market was ready.

Success with hard work and planning

John was naturally determined to make a living out of this venture. He remembered the good old days when he used to go places and have fun with his friends. He became hard working and developed a vast market base of clientele. He eventually had to open up a small kiosk and eventually a hotel.

He interestingly developed good management skills for his business. Success was manifesting itself with booming returns; this automatically led John to open up a respectable hotel in the city centre. He is currently a very successful business owner and employer of about 50 permanent staff.

There are several things that we can see and learn from John’s Success story:

Firstly, he was living in a comfort zone in which he was unable to think beyond. He had no sense of focus and did not visualize what he thought the future was like for him.

It is very unfortunate for many young people today because they lack a sense of direction. There is a popular saying amongst the youth that `maisha ni sasa’. In English it simply means that life is now.

It has been wrongly interpreted by many young people to mean that you only enjoy yourself now and you don’t think about what will happen in the future to help you build Success.

Secondly, like many of us it is circumstances or tragedy that triggers us to think. We determine our fate or future Success based on our unconditional thinking and hard work, yet sometimes it’s the loss of or failure of something that is in the picture.

Does that mean that we only have one choice?  A choice that will only determine our fate, or can we from the onset drive ourselves to a direction of our own choice that leads towards Success?

My 10 key points towards Success can be applied differently and individually.

The key word to Success is; think, think and think beyond reasonable doubt and Success will come sprawling towards you.

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