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Hidden secrets of Intersex People in Kenya

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The agonizing cry of the Intersex People in Kenya is a dark cloud yet real: ‘We wonder why God created us! ‘Why does he allow us to go through all this tribulations?’ ‘We feel it was better if we had not existed than to be subjected to all this’.’We are different, so what? Are we really  human?, an intersex person screams. Intersex people may be said to have biological characteristics of both the male and female sexes. The word intersex was initially adopted by intersex activists who criticized the traditional medical approaches to seek to be heard in the construction of new approaches.

Unfortunately Intersex People in Kenya and the rest f the world are refereed to as hermaphrodites a derogatory term in my opinion, that groups humans with animal species that are of unknown sex.

It is a known fact that few or none are interested in advancing the discussion of the Intersex people in Kenya, to the extent and refusal of recognizing it as a third gender. This is Trevor’s chilling account.