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Social Media Sites in Kenya

Social Media Sites in Kenya

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“Gracious Lord! My fellow Kenyans lets do something about the starving masses in Turkana, if you can pray that’s a good thing and if you can contribute that’s even better,’’ said Anne Ndalo in one of the Social Media Sites  in Kenya.

Social Media Sites in Kenya is one that has achieved a rising popularity in the whole of Kenya with children from the ages as young as six and above accessing the internet. Despite the outcry that is intending to stop children from accessing the Social media sites an increase of the same is being recorded.

The addiction of the youth and young adults on Social Media Sites in Kenya

The addictions on Social Media Sites in Kenya are stimulated by various facts of life, stemming from upbringing attributes, modern trends, social settings, education and vocation. These amongst others have their own impacts that develop traits into the personality of an individual. The traits could either be positive or negative.

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