True Love is an irresistible lure

True Love

True Love

Isn’t it an overjoyed opportunity to experience a strong and overwhelming affection from those who matter around you? How do you feel when that affection is engulfed within you and without you? Do you also return back the same experience to others? True Love is a mutual affectionate feeling and experience shared, within and without, persons of common purpose or intent. I personally enjoy affection that is based on a foundation of True Love.

  True Love is a joy of a community

True Love brings around sad and withdrawn souls and faces into a boomerang of joy and happiness. True Love is a synonym of external and internal peace. True Love breaks all barriers of social, cultural and economic boundaries.

“Early last year, I religiously visited my parents as I always did, but this time with the intent of announcing good news to them. I was soon going to graduate from a bachelor to a married man. It was indeed good news. What struck me is the fidgety nature of unease my parents displayed when I mentioned the community in which my fiancé was coming from. We had dated for a record period of three years. My relatives had strongly objected and vowed to resist to our marriage, basing their facts on past historical and political rivalry between my community and that of my fiancé. My hope was strengthened by the fact that my parents were well traveled personalities. In addition they were liberals and open minded. They knew we were madly in love, they’d acquired relative knowledge about our relationship, they understood that ours was based on True Love,” says Pedro.

“With the blessings from our parents, we went ahead and married. We have now become a beacon of hope to the two communities. In many instances our relatives have turned to us for help on various issues and occasions. While on the other hand, we make sure that they get involved in some of our many activities. In actual sense they are extremely remorseful for their harsh actions and judgment on our relationship. We have established that our True Love is doing miracles and wonders,” he says.

 True Love never fades or dies

“Cant help but laugh a little at the way I’ve been trying to get away from Jane. When I saw her in the bus I knew she was searching me out. Instead of looking for her I watched her, in hopes she’d lead herself to me. She did. You are naïve, I said. She looked at me and smiled and cautiously said, “No matter what, I can’t stop loving you, my True Love for you will never ever cease.”

“Well the fact is, I love her, maybe too much. I had tried out another relationship to forget her but it never worked. It is a rather a delicate situation, I wouldn’t want to bring anyone misery and unhappiness. She wants to stay and I love her. Yes! It’s True Love indeed. What I’m actually trying to say is that it might lead to complications if she doesn’t stay.”

“I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, my heart racing. I flung of the bed sheets and blankets and walked to the window. I calmed down after awhile shaking off the nightmare. How could this be happening? I thought. Isn’t this the woman a few years ago, I had despised in my drunkardness? I couldn’t imagine hearing her gentle heart beats. I visualized her there on the bed my mind tracing every line of her speeches and of her soft body. Why is this True Love haunting me?

“I spun away from the window in anger, because I had allowed myself to be lulled into a fool’s paradise. I knew, deep inside me that I didn’t want to leave Jane. True Love between the two of us had become like an irresistible lure. But in the nightmare Jane had    kept on following me. Well, even after I constantly ran away hurling insults at her, she couldn’t stop coming. The more I thought over this the more my True Love over her grew stronger. My True Love for her wouldn’t easily fade away or die.”

 True Love is like a bed of Roses

‘When I see red or white roses my body finds comfort, peace and happiness. I joyously have some money to spend on them. The fragrance that comes out of the roses reminds me of my wedding day. We received a banquette of fresh, red and white roses.

It symbolized the beginning of our True Love in marriage. The memory of which is so clear in my mind. The True Love that we have smells fresh like roses.

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  • Wee!!!!you must be a poet.Love is one thing that is very hard for us to define. But you did it so well here!!!! Thumbs up!!